Nec To Govs: Take charge of tactical police units

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Nec To Govs: Take charge of tactical police units

Following its monthly meeting, the National Economic Council ordered the immediate establishment of state forensic teams across the country to receive and investigate allegations of police brutality or related extrajudicial killings in order to ensure justice for all victims. disbanded SARS and other police units.

The council has definitely decided that the state governors and the FCT minister will manage the interface and contact the demonstrators in their respective areas.

At the meeting chaired by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, SAN, and in the presence of state governors, judicial chambers that will be created in all states will include representatives of youth, students, civil society organizations and will be chaired by a distinguished retired Chief Justice. State Court.

The Council also ordered state governors to immediately establish a State Special Committee on Security and Human Rights, chaired by their state governors, to oversee newly created tactical police units and all other security services. located in the state.

The idea of ​​the Special Committee on Security and Human Rights in all states of the Federation and the PCT is to ensure that the police forces and other security services in the state constantly protect the human rights of citizens.

The special commission will also include representatives of youth and civil society. The head of each state’s tactical police force will also be a member of the committee.

With regard to the Judicial Commission of Inquiry, each state government must establish a commission chaired by a retired High Court judge, with other members chosen by the governor of the state, namely:
* Two representatives of civil society groups
* Renowned retired police officer.
* Youth representative
* Student representative
* Representative of the Ministry of State Attorney and Representative of the National Human Rights Commission.

Terms of reference of the judiciary
The panel should:
* receive and investigate reports of police brutality or related extrajudicial killings;
* evaluate the evidence presented / other accompanying circumstances and draw conclusions regarding the validity of the claims; is an
* recommendations for compensation and other corrective measures, if necessary.

The term of office of the Commission must be completed within a maximum of six (6) months unless there is a compelling reason why the Governor of the State should authorize an extension.

There will also be a 2-3 person group to deal with complaints of human rights violations, which will constantly receive complaints. This group will be created by the Ad Hoc Committee on Security and Human Rights.

It was decided that each state government would also establish a grievance bureau that members of the public can contact by phone or through social media channels.

Complaints Bureau officers will be responsible for maintaining contact with security officials, trying to resolve complaints or otherwise referring complainants.

In addition, the NEC is ordering all state governors to immediately establish a Victims Fund to provide monetary compensation for worthy victims.


The municipality also received an update on Nigeria’s efforts to tackle COVID-19 from the Director General of the Nigerian Center for Disease Control (NCDC), Dr Chikwe Ihekweazu.

According to the report, government test results over the past month showed that state-level trials in September compared to August fell in 18 states and improved in 19 more states.

DG NCDC also listed priority areas for action such as strengthening the state health security architecture (strong state epidemiology team, functional EOC, functional molecular laboratory, defined treatment center, response tools, communication equipment, resources to be deployed), and the establishment and maintaining sampling sites.

Other highlights of the meeting:


The Honorable Minister of State for National Budget and Planning informed the Council that the accounts listed below as of 14 October 2020 are as follows:

Surplus crude oil account – USD 72,409,346.76

b. Stabilization account -N47.193.630.556.96

c. Natural Resources Development Account – N154.330.148.020.34


The municipality received a presentation from the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment entitled “Strategy for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Growth and Job Creation”.

· The purpose of the presentation is to acquaint NEC with the tasks and projects of the Ministry and to enlist the support of NEC in solving key problems to achieve our goals.

· In the presentation, it was noted that part of FMITI’s mandate is to accelerate industrial growth and increase productivity, as well as stimulate the development of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) as an engine of economic growth, etc.

The municipality was asked to:
Establish land banks in every state for investment in agriculture and agro-processing;

Ensure fair compensation for land, standardize and ensure clarity of compensation rates in each state;
Adapt the approved list of taxes and fees in 2015;
Investment Creation and Promotion Agency / one-stop shop for investment issues, including investment linkages promotion
An IHR Council should be established in each state. These councils should establish a resident MSME database that can be used to facilitate the integration of local MSMEs into the supply chains of large resident companies.


According to the presentation, the disruption to the macroeconomic environment caused by the Covid-19 pandemic required the president to submit a revised budget for 2020 on May 28, 2020, which was signed on July 10, 2020.

▪ On September 30, 2020, the Federal Executive Council (FEC) approved the revision of the Medium Term Expenditure Framework and Financial Strategy Document (MTEF / FSP) for the period 2021-23, as well as the FGP budget for 2021.

▪ In response to developments affecting the supply of foreign exchange to the economy, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has adjusted the official exchange rate to N360 / US $ 1 and recently to 379 Nigeria / US $.

▪ The expected aggregate inflow of revenues to the account of the federation (main pool) is 6.77 trillion. N, and 1.7 trillion. N is the expected inflow to the VAT pool account.

▪ FGN is expected to receive 3.54 trillion NN from the main pool account, while state and local governments are expected to generate 1.80 trillion NN and 1.39 trillion NN respectively.

▪ FGN is expected to receive 255.46 billion Argentine pesos from the VAT pool, while state and local governments are expected to receive 851.52 billion and 596.07 billion NN respectively.


▪ A number of measures have been taken to increase government revenues and strengthen a prudent regime with a focus on value for money. The goal of fiscal interventions will be to keep the economy active through carefully calibrated regulatory / policy measures aimed at increasing domestic value added, reducing business environment risks, attracting external investment and funding sources, etc.

Laolu Akande

Senior Special Assistant to the President for Media and Advertising

Vice President’s Office

15 October 2020