Never had extramarital sex – Rino Omokri refutes cheating story

Never had extramarital sex – Rino Omokri refutes cheating story

Yesterday (Sunday, May 16, 2021) I announced my intention to hold a peaceful protest #HarassBuhariOutofParis from Monday May 17, 2021 to Tuesday May 18, 2021, and this morning we woke up with an obscene and scandalous story about me that I don’t even want to repeat myself.

A Nigerian proverb says that the bird flew in at night and the baby died in the morning.

The story is false. If you look at the platform that this story was originally posted on, it becomes apparent that it is sponsored by the Presidency to distract me from my trip to Paris, because they know that the Africa-France Summit is an international platform and any protest will highlight the General of Failure. Bukhari.

This platform is known for its pro-government stories. I am not the first alleged adversary of the Bukhari administration to be targeted, and I will not be the last. You just need to visit the site.

I never had and never will have sex before marriage or extramarital affairs. I hate this. God forbid!

I am so reluctant to even respond to such a vicious attack on me by the Bukhari administration. And I am not encouraged to speak publicly about personal family matters. Suffice it to say that I have never had and never will have a child out of wedlock.

It’s better for me to ignore it because the devil is a famous liar and he inspired those behind this story.

Nobody can distract my attention. After we finish the protest in Paris, my lawyers and I will sit down and decide when to sue.

Don’t forget if you love Nigeria? Do you live in Paris? Join us in the #HarassBuhariOutOfParis peaceful protest tomorrow at noon Paris time at the Temporary Exhibition Center in front of the Eiffel Tower. Bukhari cannot travel the world while Nigeria goes with the flow. Go back and fix Nigeria!

Rino Omokri

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