Never Will Saydeshiki Destroy Houses – Reno

Posted by on Nov 2, 2020, Under: News

Never Will Saydeshiki Destroy Houses – Reno

The former presidential aide has put a curse on the sworn people who destroy people’s homes.

Rino Omokri said he won’t do well at prompting by replying to a Twitter user.

The author and former political appointee took the time to call the men to make sure they were good fathers to their children, just as they are smart around them. According to him, if secondary children experienced paternal love in childhood, they would never be children.

“Dear husbands who are also fathers, do you see the kind of unconditional love you give your chick? Go home and give it to your children. If this girl next door received unconditional love from her father, she would not be with you, making her future worthless! “He tweeted

A Twitter user, responding to her tweet, said he hoped her posh side didn’t see her tweet. It was at this point that Reno challenged any woman who claims to have slept with her after the wedding.

See their exchange below