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WATCH VIDEO BELOW! Big Pharma Enlarged Their Assassination List Including A Doctor Who Shared Devastating Data About C-19 And Vaccine! [WATCH]

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Big Pharma and their real face!

These are the worst people on the planet! The Globalists!

Their money and profits are crucial and more important than humans’ lives!

We have concluded this so far, and everyone would agree that the Big Pharma companies are the biggest predator in the world!

In a stunning video, Dr. Bryan Ardis dropped a bombshell during his interview with Owen Shroyer in the War

Room this Monday. He exposed that he and Dr. Vladimir Zelenko were on Pfizer’s assassination hit list of doctors who have to be silenced!

Everyone who exposes the truth is in danger, and they will be targeted for assassination!

Watch the video below:

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  1. I did not get the vaccine I did not get the booster I didn’t get any of it haven’t had a flu shot in years I don’t get sick.

  2. I didn’t want to get it but when my oldest brother died from Covid I got but only the 2 no booster. So the first one was given in my left arm shortly after I noticed my arm muscle was depleting and my arm felt like my bone was cracked it’s not all the time but when it hurts I can’t do lift or barely use my left arm. My left arm was my strongest arm . The second one was given in my right arm the affects are different my right hand some days I can’t hold a pen or a razor when shaving. I’ve always had decent arm muscles and worked out to keep them toned but now I can’t even lift my arms over my head . It sucks .

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