Nigerian father hires son as security officer at his company (photo)

Nigerian father hires son as security officer at his company (photo)

This is an amazing story about a Nigerian businessman who teaches his son to be responsible in life.

It turned out that a Nigerian father named Felix Obazi had hired his son Uyogos as a security guard for his company.

Obazi, CEO of Fionet Security Services, posted this on LinkedIn. He shared photos of his son wearing a company protective uniform and said he did it to provide his son with a quality upbringing.

In his post, he asked people rhetorical questions, asking if they would want to teach their children about their business or defend them with contrived conversations that they don’t want them to suffer.

He also thanked God for the grace given to him, which enabled him to raise responsible children who will become the leaders of his generation. Sharing the post, he wrote: “I take them young.

Imagine my second child, but my fourth child, Uyogos Praise Obazi, a student at the University of Port Harcourt, dressed in the security uniform of my company on duty. Can you teach your kids your craft, your craft and how to make money, they will learn that life is not only about mobile phones and games?

Or do you not want them to suffer as much as you suffered from success? I am grateful to God for his grace to raise responsible children who will be leaders in their generation. @ Uyi, see you upstairs! “Mr. Obazi’s post has generated a lot of feedback from LinkedIn users.

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Helps to enter data and compare customer database. On the same Saturday, we both went to the estate to draw up a plan for online presentations.

Abraham Ojo: I hope you paid the young man. Bala: Felix, today you are my most enviable parent, and you will be one for a long time. But credit also goes to Ui (who deserves and lives by his name “Praise”) for submitting to your leadership. It is not easy to get elite adult children to discipline such methods these days. Kelechi Uchenna: My opinion, I would like to introduce my children to my business and inform them that they can join the business if they are interested.

They can be executive directors or non-executive directors (owners) depending on their choice …

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