Nigerian lawyer tells how Abuja gangsters were paid $ 1,500 to attack and damage cars during protests

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Nigerian lawyer tells how Abuja gangsters were paid $ 1,500 to attack and damage cars during protests

A protester assaulted by thugs in Abuja shares his experience with ADELANI ADEPEGBA in this interview.

What is your name?

I’m Kaka George. I am a lawyer.

During the #EndSARS protests in Abuja, you were attacked and your car damaged. What is the level of damage to your vehicle?

This is a 2008 Toyota Prado. The perpetrators damaged the front and rear windshields, all windows, front and rear bumpers and even the trunk. The cost of the renovation was set at NR 300,000. E. We are looking for money, and people were generous.

How do you feel about the attack?

It’s sad to see thugs can afford to be manipulated when we fought for all of us. Just because they said they were paid 1,500 N, they caused more than 300,000 N. It is discouraging to see that fellow youth and citizens will allow themselves to be used in this way, but we persist and still borrow position. On the same day, my phone was damaged, I had bruises on my knees and the fabric was torn, but I keep pushing.

Do you think the authors were ignorant or willful?

I think a little bit of both. I’m sure they were ignorant because I don’t think they knew what the people who would fight were fighting for. They did not know and did not know about the protest or the reason for the protest. If they knew this well enough and still knew, I would say that they were just barbarians. They blamed us and I saw them hit the girl right in front of me; I don’t think this girl will be able to walk in a couple of months. It was truly heartbreaking. I want to believe that they were ignorant, but even if you were ignorant, your conscience must tell you that doing so was wrong. This is simple psychology; you don’t have to go and harm someone for no reason. You must have empathy. You shouldn’t just charge people and damage their cars.

Were you afraid for your life during the attack?

Well, of course; naturally. At some point, when I realized that I could not stand it, I ran and jumped from a very high point, and like this I hurt my knee. I was afraid for my life, but the next day I was gone because it was worth it.

So, you weren’t discouraged?

No I was not. To send people to us was to say something strong. So the more damage they did to us, the more we moved forward. You should have seen the crowd that came out between Wednesday and Thursday after we were attacked. This was about three times as many protesters who had been here before. So, the more they attacked us, the more people came out, joined us and asked to be heard.

How did the police officers who witnessed the attack act?

I was disappointed with their actions. An officer from the Nigerian Security and Civil Protection Corps, a police officer, an officer from the Federal Highway Traffic Safety Corps and a road police officer were present. They saw how thugs attacked us. If they did their job, I’m sure these criminals would have retired and instead got into their cars and walked away from us. I mean who is doing this? And they had to protect us. They could stand between us and the thugs, instead they left. We read in the newspapers that they defended us, but this is not true, they left us. At some point, some of us had to start looking for people to protect ourselves when the damage got too much, and then they arrested two or three attackers. The bandits confessed that they were paid $ 1,500 each to attack us.

Source: The PUNCH