Nigerian man who strangled his relative to avoid paying off £ 100,000 loan makes shocking confession

Nigerian man who strangled his relative to avoid paying off £ 100,000 loan makes shocking confession

Ifeani Ezinwa, a tax collector from the Umuleri district of Anambra state, was arrested.

The man was detained by the police for the murder of his relative Chukwuebuk Iloegbunam.

Ezinwa reportedly strangled 19-year-old Iloegbunam for insisting on the $ 100,000 he borrowed from him.

City Round learned that 29-year-old Ezinwa asked the victim to meet him on the footpath near a high school in the city at around 8:30 pm under the pretext of paying off a debt.

It is said that Ezinwa hid a knife in a loaf and aimed his weapon at the arrival of Iloegbunam.

In the ensuing quarrel, Iloegbunam reportedly managed to retrieve the knife from Ezinwa and stab him to death. Later, the debtor crushed him and strangled him. Ezinwa reportedly fled to the city, claiming that he and the deceased were attacked by thieves.

As a result, he was arrested and transferred to the State Department of Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Avka.

The case was later reviewed by the Inspector General of the DCP’s Police Intelligence Response Team, Abba Chiari, following a petition from the victim’s family.

“At the IRT office, he finally confessed to the crime. He said he did the case on his own on January 15, 2021 at around 8:30 pm. He lured the deceased to a secluded path near the Umuleri technical school, stabbed him and strangled him, ”a police source told City Round.

Ezinwa, who collects fees in city markets on behalf of seniors, said he withdrew $ 100,000 in revenue. He said that he borrowed 100,000 naris from the victim so that he could convert the income on the appointed date.

He said: “I am married and have three children. I dropped out of high school at SS2 a few months after my father died. I learned to drive and started driving commercial buses. It wasn’t easy for me. About two years ago, some of our relatives invited me to work in the community. I am a community senior tax collector.

“We have markets and each trader has to pay a certain amount of money. I spent part of the collected money. I knew I would lose my job if they noticed a shortage. In desperation, I turned to Chukwuebuk (Iroegbunam) who owned a grocery store in our village. He is my relative. We are from the same family as Umuleri. In December 2020, I borrowed N100,000 from him. e. and promised to pay on January 10th. I missed the deadline and continued to harass me and threatened to report me to the yoke (king).

“I decided to silence him. I bought a loaf and hid a sharp knife in it. I called him to meet me at the Aguleri junction around 20:00. He came with an Okada man and I asked the pilot to leave. “

Ezinwa said they both took a walk on the pretext that they were heading to where to get the money, adding that he lied to Irogbunam on the way that he wanted to urinate.

He said: “There are bushes around the school and people have difficulty walking along the path. I immediately took out the knife. He noticed me in time and began to fight. He took the knife and stabbed me before I grabbed him by the neck and strangled him. I ran to the palace, but Igwe Umuleri was not there. I told the security officers I met that I had been attacked by armed robbers and they asked me to go to the hospital for treatment.

“The next day the president of our public security came with the police and arrested me. They found Irogbunam’s body, but I insisted on attacking us. In the end, I told the police the truth. I cannot explain the devil that has entered me. “

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