Nigerian soldier tells how his wife left home while serving in Borno

Nigerian soldier tells how his wife left home while serving in Borno

Richard Imana, a 39-year-old retired aviator, announced his decision to divorce his wife.

On Wednesday, the man went to customary court in Iyana-Ipaja in Lagos state to divorce his 10-year marriage for allegedly giving up his son and denying access to him from his wife.

Richard told the court that his wife Nkem had left the family home and moved with another man to the same barracks where her family members lived.

He claimed that Nkem moved in with this man while he was serving in Borno.

“My wife packed my bags from my apartment and moved in with another man while I was in Borno state.

“He left me for another man. I quit my job to take care of the children because my wife doesn’t care for them.

“Some time ago I was very sick and our doctor required my wife to sign documents before she could start treatment, but my wife refused.

“He denied me access to children and took the last ones born from his mother without my consent,” she said.

In her response, Nkem said that she moved in with her married friend, who remained in front of her apartment, because her husband had stopped sending money to her and their children.

“I didn’t live with another man. I only moved with my married friend because her husband was also serving in Borno at the time.

“I took my children to the village when all this was happening because their father stopped sending them food.

“I was packing my things out of annoyance because my salary was N25,000 at the time. E. And that was not enough to provide for me and the children, ”she said.

However, the president of the court, Prince Adewale Adegoke, scolded Nkem in his ruling for packing his bags from the family home to live with her married friend.

He ordered that the couple’s last child be returned to Lagos and reunited with his father.

Adegoke has updated the case until December 15 for a possible solution, according to NAN.

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