“Nigerians are at war, in a war zone,” Wole Soyinka laments.

“Nigerians are at war, in a war zone,” Wole Soyinka laments.

Nobel laureate prof. Vole Soyinka shouted about the unsafe situation in the country.

According to him, the Nigerians are not only fighting, but also in the war zone.

Soyinka, who condemned the country’s seemingly unsolvable killings and kidnappings, spoke yesterday in Lagos at a public presentation of his latest novel, The Chronicles of the Happiest People on Earth.

The renowned playwright noted that religion has become one of the fastest growing businesses in Nigeria today.

“I think we are not alone in the war, we are all in a war zone. There is no doubt about that, because now the feeling of individual, collective and public security has practically become a matter of survival, ”he said.

Soyinka, who also noted that nothing really has changed, said the country was in a stalemate.

“In fact, the more things seem to change, the more they stay the same. Regarding the real differences between material existence, everyday existence or even coexistence, I think that humanity is more or less the same.

“Now they rely more and more on religion because the nation is desperate. When a nation is desperate, it turns to the supernatural.

“Religion has always been with us. However, these days it is impossible to walk three feet without stumbling over religion. “Religion is one of the fastest growing businesses in the country today,” said the Nobel Prize winner.

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