Nigerians fear police more than armed robbers: spokesman

Posted by on Oct 13, 2020, Under: News

Nigerians fear police more than armed robbers: spokesman

The Honorable Benjamin Kalu, Speaker of the House of Representatives, said that Nigerians are now afraid of cops, not thieves.

ABN TV reports that a representative for the mission, responding to an ongoing nationwide protest against the Anti-Robbery Special Squad (SARS), a division of the Nigerian police, told how they dress and behave SARS agents do not look at them as police officers.

The Honorable Kalu, who is a member of the Bendé Federal Electoral College of Abia State, arguing that the issue of human rights is at the forefront of the legislative agenda of the 9th National Assembly, said the legislator is committed to ensuring respect for the country in the community of nations through the protection of human rights.

According to Hon. Kalu, who defends the rights and privileges of citizens, points to development, adding that growth is not only tied to infrastructure.

The federal legislator has secured the submission of a new piece of legislation by the National Assembly in cooperation with the Nigerian Bar Association, which will oversee the police.

He expressed his displeasure that police excesses remain largely uncontrollable and urged Nigerians to trust the current National Assembly to defend their rights.