Nigerians hit Ugandan police for arresting singers Omah Lei and Thames

Ugandan police have been criticized by Nigerians for arresting musicians Omah Lei and Thames. The two were arrested by police during a show in this East African country over the weekend and are facing charges today.

Police tweeted the arrest after Ugandan journalist Kanari Mugume posted the news of the arrest on his social media page “Right here: Nigerian artist Oma Lai was arrested by Katwe police along with the manager of the club he performed at last night; @Lukowoyesigyire confirms that Ivan Dungu and event organizer Prim Kasana are in custody. “

The police later tweeted:“Non-professional Nigerian artist Oma was arrested by Katwe police, and the manager of the establishment, Dungu Ivan, and the event organizer, Prim Kasana, are also in custody. Further details to follow up on Nigerian artist Lai Omaha arrested by Katwe police, club manager Ivan Dungu and event organizer Prim Kasana are also in custody.

However, the singers were charged today, and Nigerians continued to bomb the country’s police page on social media. See Reactions below:

*** DeboMacaroni: This is setup and we need to merge the voices together !! Omah Lay and Thames invited to Uganda ?? How do you arrest Nigerian artists in your country for a show they did not organize? Why didn’t they just postpone or cancel the show if the show was banned?

Chibuogwu Otuya: The Ugandan government wants to take on all the frustration put into the head of Omahlai and Thames … Artists are not to blame no gree blow naa #FreeOmahLay #FREETEMS

Glowboyriri01: The Ugandan TV and radio hosts who complain about Oma Lei’s performance in Uganda are the same hosts who play 80% Nigerian music on TV and radio, and you still want Ugandans to get commissioned 😂😂😂

Sheila C. GashumbaA: So my son-in-law just sent me this from Uganda, apparently Oma Lei and Thames were sent to a maximum security prison in Uganda until Wednesday and the Nigerian government is doing nothing about it.

Samuel Otigba: We can RT and celebrate government officials until they see it. #FreeOmahLay #FreeTems

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