Nigerians mock Taribo West for prophesying Trump’s victory

Posted by on Nov 10, 2020, Under: News

Nigerians mock Taribo West for prophesying Trump’s victory

Nigerians have attacked and ridiculed the former super-eagle defender, who is now a pastor, for a false prophecy he made regarding the 2020 US election.

Taribo West predicted that US President Donald Trump will defeat Joe Biden by a narrow margin. However, his prophecy did not come true when Joe Biden defeated the current president.

The video of the prophecy was posted on social media ahead of the US elections, but only went viral after the poll ended.

West, who is also a pastor, said he correctly predicted the victory of Edo State Governor Godwin Obaseki; and his colleague from Ondo State Rotimi Aqueredolu, but his prophecy did not go viral on social media.

He later prophesied that Trump would defeat Biden by a narrow margin, and asked his supporters to make sure his prophecy went viral.

The former soccer star said, “Before the Edo elections, I said Obaseki would win. It’s true? He won? Nobody said that anywhere. Nobody mentioned me anywhere. I also said in the Ondo elections that I would win Akeredola. It’s true? He won? He won.

“Now I want you to put it the way I want it. Donald Trump will win the election with a slight split compared to Joe Biden. So quote me and I want this to be posted ahead of time. “

However, Biden won the election, which is now being contested in court by Trump.

However, on Tuesday, West’s prophecy became a huge topic of discussion on social media, with many describing it under certain names.

@ M4micheal tweeted, “He predicted and pretended to be God speaking through him. If Trump had won, his prediction would have been correct, and he would have told his congregation that God did it, but God is not the author. confusion “.

@ infonaija_247, “No, this can’t be Pastor Taribo West, a former strong defender of the Nigerian Super Eagles. This should be Taribo North. “

“The pursuit of fame and cheap popularity will make men proud of themselves,” tweeted @amablacknaija.

@ mykkel3, “One thing I know about this false prophecy is that he wanted to glorify himself after fixing the first two, so he needed a camera to post it on social media … He forgot that he was not God.”

However, some others have argued that it may be too early to tell if the former footballer’s prophecy was false, as Trump could win in court.

Mazi Oji tweeted: “It is possible that this is happening. Due to the spread of some news (albeit possibly false), there are reports of negligence and all … This Trump is going to court. So it is still possible. to make it happen. “

@iam_vicbach: “Trump still has a chance of winning. This is not an election in Nigeria. ”