Nigerians starve, die – PDP reports APC, Bukhari

Nigerians starve, die – PDP reports APC, Bukhari

President Muhammadu Bukhari was summoned from the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

Sunday’s party called on President Muhammad Bukhari, the All-Progressive Congress (APC), to end their heartlessness and take urgent action to address deteriorating food security and, as a result, hunger and hunger across the country.

This was announced on Sunday by the party’s national advertising secretary Cola Ologbondian.

According to the statement, “The NDP complains that under Bukhari, more than 82.9 million Nigerians can no longer afford their daily food due to the administration’s failure to take practical steps to grow and protect the food sector.”

This, according to the statement, has led to severe food shortages, the prices of which have skyrocketed and have become unaffordable for Nigerians.

The statement further explains that “Due to poor governance by the APC and the Bukhari administration, our country is now ranked 98th out of 107 in the Global Hunger Index, with excruciating food shortages, falling purchasing power, and alarming unemployment. 33.3% and food inflation 22.95, as well as an increase in morbidity and mortality.

“Today, according to APC, a bag of rice sold for N8,000 under the PDP is now selling for N30,000, some of the harry and beans that were sold for N150 and N250 are now selling for N500 and N800, respectively;

“A measure of guinea fowl and corn that was sold for about NN 150 is now selling for N400, while a kilogram of meat that was sold for about N800 now sells for about 300 N2.”

“Our party notes that the current food crisis is caused by the inability of the agro-industrial complex administration to recalibrate our agricultural sector, as well as to take decisive measures to combat violence, terrorism and banditry in food production areas.

“Nigerians can also recall the APC administration’s response to the beheading of 43 rice farmers in Borno state, which it blamed on the patriots killed instead of immediately tracking down their killers and ensuring the safety of our farmers in the area.

“Under the supervision of APC and Bukhari, our farmers are now overflowing into camps for internally displaced persons (IDPs) as their fields and farms have been overrun by bandits and terrorists, including political mercenaries brought into the country by the APC to help unleash fraudulent violence. before the 2019 general election.

“In addition, the growing insecurity on our highways has also hampered the production and distribution value chain, and there is no hope for that.

“Our party is instructing President Bukhari to take urgent action to address the pressing problem of hunger by opening our storage facilities to mitigate the situation and lower prices.

“The federal government must also overhaul the agricultural sector by strengthening security in food production areas so that our farmers can return to farmland.

“The PDP also believes that it is time for President Bukhari to provide a direct incentive to small businesses as an incentive to pay wages, resume production and increase purchasing power.

“In addition, President Bukhari must take action to recover the more than £ 15 trillion stolen by SPS leaders and channel some of that funds into emergency food security measures in our country before it’s too late,” the NDP said.

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