Nigerians will receive 1 million PHCN for free

Posted by on Nov 4, 2020, Under: News

Nigerians will receive 1 million PHCN for free

Read President Bukhari’s statement on the 1,000,000 free PHCN racks.

In the first phase of the President’s Mass Measurement Initiative, we are immediately providing DisCos facilities to launch 1,000,000 meters in phase one at no cost to consumers. Implementation has already begun in parts of Kano, Kaduna, Lagos and Abuja.

Future phases of this metering initiative will help us fully cover the 6.5 million meter deficit nationwide and will have an estimated impact on 30 million consumers. All meters under this program will be supplied by local manufacturers and national foundations to create jobs.

We are committed to ending all forms of billing in Nigeria and to ensure that Nigerians only pay for the electricity they consume.