Nigeria’s population is officially 206 million – NPC

Nigeria’s population is officially 206 million – NPC

According to the National Population Commission, Nigeria’s population is currently estimated at 206 million.

This happened exactly two years after the NPC estimated the country’s population at 198 million.

This was announced on Tuesday by the chairman of the NPC Nasir Kvarra at a press conference dedicated to the start of the next demarcation of the counting zone in Abuja, Punch reports.

Kvarra said that since Nigeria has not been able to conduct a census for the past 14 years, it would be difficult to know the country’s exact population.

He said, “In the absence of a real census, we are formally making projections, and we have always made our own projections and estimated that Nigeria will have a population of 206 million in 2020.”

The head of the NPC stated that President Muhammadu Bukhari has the exclusive right to announce the next census.

Kvarra, however, said he was confident that Bukhari would soon do the necessary.

Announcing the beginning of the demarcation of the enumeration areas, Kvarra said that about 260 of the 774 local government districts in the country have been completely demarcated.

It states that the eleventh phase of the exercise will begin on December 9, 2020 and end on January 20, 2021.

The NPC Chairman said: “Census planning is assigned to the EAD as the basis for estimating the human and material resources required for the census. In fact, the success of a reliable and accurate census depends largely on the quality and reliability of the EAD. ”

Quarra explained that the EAD exercise is not a count of people living in a country, but a preparatory exercise for the census.

He said the NPC will help the Independent National Electoral Commission create digitized maps of INEC’s registration areas, for the first time under the EAD. According to him, this cooperation will positively affect future elections.

The NPC Chair further stated: “It is important to state that this EAD exercise uses the latest technology, including the use of ultra-high resolution satellite imagery as a basemap, the use of GPS for georeferencing, and the use of GIS for data management.

“In addition, personal data assistants (handheld devices / tablets) are used to collect data, including computer software for population estimation.”

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