Nine Governors Steal LG Funds Through Friends – NULGE Sounds Alarm

Nine Governors Steal LG Funds Through Friends – NULGE Sounds Alarm

On Friday, the Nigeria Local Government Employees Union raised the alarm that about nine governors were diverting local government funds in violation of guidelines issued by the Nigeria Financial Intelligence Unit in May 2019.

The union said the actions of the governors deprive people of the benefits to which they normally should have access, as it threatened to close 774 councils in the country if their demands are not met within 30 days.

The union also called on President Muhammad Bukhari to sign a decree barring any state that has not surveyed LG from accessing local government assignments.

PUNCH reported that no local elections have been held in Ogun, Katsina Anambra, Kwara, Osun and Zamfara states despite the expiration of the term of elected officials.

In addition, the governments of Imo and Oyo states have fired elected officials whose terms of office have not yet expired and replaced them with trusteeship committees like the seven states mentioned above. Although Edo does not have committees for mentors from local governments, local governments are run by heads of administration.

Meanwhile, issuing an ultimatum in an interview with our reporter on Friday, NULGE national president Hakim Ambali stressed that union members would storm the National Assembly and state assemblies to voice their opinions, dissatisfaction with the way governors are treating the third tier of government.

Ambali said: “About nine state governors steal and steal funds from local government, thereby denying people at the local government level the right to use social services that should be provided by local government.

“As a matter of urgency, the president must sign a decree prohibiting the state government, which has not held local elections, from accessing local government assignments, so that even if money is transferred to the payroll account, only for payment.

“They have to teach them (the governors) a lesson; that is why NULGE will continue to participate in campaigning until the political and financial autonomy of local authorities is realized.

“If we want to rectify the situation in Nigeria, it is time to establish the autonomy of the local government, because all this worries about insecurity, unemployment, lack of trust and hope in the Nigerian nation lead to unrest for self-determination and the collapse of the country … arises from the greed of most of those who claim to be a political elite cornered local government resources and use them illegally “

Attempts to force the NULGE president to appoint governors have been unsuccessful, with several calls to his line before 12.40 pm Saturday went unanswered.

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