Notorious Yahoo guy showing luxury cars, yachts and helicopters finally arrested in Malaysia (photos)

Notorious Yahoo guy showing luxury cars, yachts and helicopters finally arrested in Malaysia (photos)

Finally arrested a 47-year-old scammer bragging about his immense wealth on social media.

According to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), a whopping 3.5 million ringgit in cash (over 318 million N), luxury cars, yachts, and helicopters were seized on suspicion of being the head of the “trading cartel”.

The cartel, which has reportedly been in operation since 2014, monopolizes government tenders. The union is believed to have used over 150 companies to submit proposals or quotations to ministries and agencies.

The 47-year-old Datuk businessman is said to have amassed an incredible fortune and resources, including a luxury yacht and two helicopters.

The MACC paralyzed the project cartel by arresting seven people, including its mastermind Daduk, in an operation on Sunday evening, April 4.

MACC chief commissioner Datuk Seri Azam Baki said eight suspects have been arrested by investigators so far.

“Despite the fact that we have arrested the organizer of the trade union, a 47-year-old businessman with the title of Datuk, we believe that some accomplices still exist. This investigation is ongoing, and based on the events, we believe that others are also involved, ”he said at a press conference on Wednesday 7 April.

The source added that ringgit 29 million worth of property was confiscated, such as bungalows, shops and offices.

“In total, 644 accounts of individuals and legal entities were frozen in the amount of about 100 million ringgit. Datuk, the union leader, has amassed enormous wealth, “the source said.

The suspects allegedly monopolized a total of 354 tenders from various ministries and government agencies across the country, including projects totaling RM 3.8 billion.

The head of the union created 150 different companies, hiring more people as directors of the companies that were actually owned by the former.

The union is committed to site maintenance and development projects.

Investigations showed that all companies provided false information about academic qualifications, professional certifications and financial statements in order to convince the tender committee of their ability to implement projects.

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