NWC delves into PDP cracks, not interested in winning in 2023

NWC delves into PDP cracks, not interested in winning in 2023

Rivers State Governor Niesom Wyck criticized the National Labor Committee of the People’s Democratic Party (NDP), led by Uche Sekodus, accusing it of deepening the split in the party.

Wyck specifically accused the NWC of sowing divisions between NDP governors and of betting on the party’s chances of winning the presidency in 2023.

The governor also warned that President Muhammad Bukhari’s integrity will be at stake if he does not comply with an invitation from the House of Representatives due to growing insecurity across the country.

In a statement signed by the Governor’s Special Assistant for Media, Kelvin Ebiri, Wyck was said to be performing live on the TV show in Port Harcourt on Friday.

The governor said it was regrettable that instead of capitalizing on the inefficiency and mismanagement of the five-year All-Progressive Congress (APC) in power, the NWC NDP deepened the faults in the party.

He said: “The PDP had to take advantage of the ineffectiveness of the APC; from the mismanagement of the Union of Right Forces. This is usually what the opposition party should do. If you ask me, are Nigerians expecting a change? Yeah.

“If you ask me as a PDP member, I am ready to support the PDP in the acquisition, yes. But if you ask me how things are, if the party leadership is ready to allow us to take advantage of this opportunity for a change, I will answer no. “

Rather than focusing on strategies to exploit growing frustration with the APC government, he said, the NWC was committed to creating a crisis between governors, using the two former governors of Imo and Cross River states and the current Senator from Benue State. …

He said: “The opposition party, which has to unite, work, take over the affairs of the government, because people are waiting for this opportunity, but the current leadership of the NWC is not ready for this, rather, they did what they did. set people up to sow seeds of discord among rulers in their selfish interests. And this boomerang that will consume them. “

The governor said he has no opportunity to side with the APC or any other political party and will continue to fight for the PDP’s survival.

“I won’t let anyone kill the PDP. They have the option to upgrade to APC. I don’t do this and cannot upgrade to APC. So, to anyone who is trying to do something to destroy the PDP, I will not let you. I will not allow anyone who I saw that this has the ability to destroy the NDP, is, ”he said.

He called the NWC’s decision to ditch the recommendations of Governor of Benue State, a committee chaired by Samuel Orthom set up to reconcile the party in Niger and Plateau states due to his personal interest in Niger, as false.

Wyck said the current NWC is simply interested in maintaining its current party structure in order to stay in power and not win the 2023 election.

“The current National Working Committee is not interested in conquering government kingdoms in 2023 and is not doing anything for this. When you are interested in staying in power, you are no longer interested in winning elections, ”he said.

At the invitation of the President, he said that the insecurity, especially in Borno State and other parts of the country, should have forced President Bukhari to fulfill his promise to fulfill the invitation of the House of Representatives.

He said that DCA members controlled a majority in the National Assembly, which put forward a proposal to urge the president to address them on measures taken to address and end the wave of assassinations.

Wyck said the Attorney General and the Federation Attorney General are incorrectly requesting legal interpretation rather than defending the president’s integrity.

He said, “There is no security. People die. You are not using a legal approach to solve this problem. If the president assured me, saying that my honesty is at stake, then I will go, this decision was not made without a preliminary conversation with his inner office.

“This is not a Q&A session. Go with a brief to address congress. Say, look where it was when we got there, look where we are today. Yes, we have not achieved what we thought, but we ask everyone to cooperate.

“For me, I think now is not the time to be a legalist. This is the time when every Nigerian should worry about what is going on. Just this morning (Friday) I heard that 16 people died on the Abuja-Kaduna road yesterday. Look at the loss of life in Borno state. The Senate said that you look, Mr. President, you are helping all service leaders, which means they are concerned about the security situation in the country. “

He also stated that if he were the Attorney General of the Federation, he would have notified the President privately and urged him to write a letter to the House of Representatives that would come later in connection with the needs of his office.

To end a wave of violent crime in the country, Wyck recommended creating jobs for young people and radically changing the country’s police operating system.

He insisted that states should be able to participate in community policing.

Source: – The Nation

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