Oba enters from Benin and meets Ologbocere

Oba enters from Benin and meets Ologbocere

Signs emerged on Friday that Benin Oba, His Royal Majesty Oba Évoire II, has entered a succession crisis that is shaking the Kingdom of Warry in Delta State.

The nation notes with authority that the monarch of Benin met with one of the key players in the crisis, Ologbocere, chieftain Airi Emami.

A source from Oba Palace in Benin told our reporter that Emami arrived at the palace on Thursday at 15:00 and was immediately escorted into Oba’s presence, where a three-hour meeting with the monarch took place.

“The visit of Chief Emami to Benin on Friday was at the request of Omo N’Ob, who is very upset about the events in the Kingdom of Warri,” our source said.

Although details of Wednesday’s meeting were not immediately known, it was revealed that Emami had left the palace at around 6:00 pm.

Chief Emami, who was contacted by phone yesterday morning, confirmed the meeting but declined to comment on the incident.

“Yes, it’s true that I met our royal father, HRM Oba from Benin. Everything that happened in the palace is personal, ”he said before hanging up.

But the Nation understood that this visit was not new to the events in the Kingdom of Warri, where the Ologbocere are fighting the Ruling House of Ginuwa.

As a reminder, the Ruling House of Ginuwa, led by Olori-Ebi, Prince Emmanuel Okochi-Ebo, suspended Ologbocere following a controversy over the emergence of Prince Tsola Emiko as Olu’s designee.

Ojoye Isan, the elite of the traditional title holders in the kingdom, led by Ologbocere, disqualified Prince Tsola under section 4 of the Stool Act, which excludes princes, except those born to the mothers of Bini or Itsekiri, from the throne.

The emergence of the designated Olu without Ologbocere led to a crisis when the state government refused to recognize Omoba due to “problems associated with its appearance.”

The kingdoms of Bini and Warri have a very close bond dating back to the 15th century, when the Benin prince founded the kingdom and became its first Olu Ginuwa in 1480, and it is hoped that the Oba peace movement can help in a quick solution to this problem. matter.

Likewise, Itsekiri Thought Leaders (ILOT) also met with stakeholders including the ruling family and Ologbocere Emami, with whom the group had a very lengthy meeting on Tuesday.

Various sources said that Itsekiri leaders, at a meeting held at the home of Isaac Jemida’s chieftain, Ozodi Varri, called for an end to the “media war” in order to pave the way for dialogue and reconciliation.

“ILOT is working to ensure that participants refrain from unnecessary reporting in newspapers and other media that could worsen an already bad situation,” our source said during the meeting.

Meanwhile, sources say Ologbocere is under severe pressure to drop opposition to Prince Tsola Emiko’s appearance as Olu to pave the way for a peaceful and unimpeded coronation.

“They put a lot of pressure on him to end the hostility and follow the wishes of the people. Therefore, his visit to Benin Dawn is part of a plan to make sure he buries the ax to ensure a peaceful transition and coronation. ”

Source: – The Nation

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