Obasanjo Talks End Of SARS Protests And Calls On Youth To Stop Protests

Obasanjo Talks End Of SARS Protests And Calls On Youth To Stop Protests

Obasanjo gave a speech on Monday when he visited Adeye Ogunwusi, Uni of Ife, at his palace in Ile-Ife, Osun State.

He called the #EndSARS protest a product of widespread agitation by Nigerian youth.

He said that young people strive for a better life and there are several ways the government can show that it understands their difficulties, making their life easier.

“More than 65 percent of our population is under the age of 18 and 30; Not only do they struggle to get an education, but they also strive for the best that life has to offer, ”Obasanjo said.

“Some of them have not even received an education, and those who have received an education are frustrated by the lack of opportunities. It must be understood that the lid from boiling steam must be removed.

“But I believe there are opportunities that the government can explore to show that it cares about the welfare of people, especially youth, as the father of the country and especially as the father of youth.

“Fortunately, the president has children and he knows how to behave among young people. I believe that opportunities can still be used to let young people know that he, as a father, understands their situation and his government understands their situation and is ready to make their lives better. ”

For his part, Ogunwusi described the protests as a clear message to Nigerian youth in the government, especially about a coordinated way of organizing the protests.

He called on young people to end the protests and give the government a chance to fully meet their demands.

“If you look at the #EndSARS protest, you can see that our youth have everything they need to run the country,” he said.

“From day one, they demonstrated leadership, responsibility and a great sense of responsibility, which was a clear signal to the government.

“Every day at 11:50 pm they showed their financial statements and I am very surprised at their sense of responsibility.

“As a youth leader, I am proud that we all shared our ideas and it is comforting that we were heard.

“Dear young people, it’s time to leave to prevent those with ulterior motives from intercepting the peaceful message of peace.

“The whole world is aware of our peaceful behavior, and we must not allow any negative elements to cloud this enviable integrity.

“Once again I want to call on our youth to stop the protest and give a chance to peace. This will prevent the use of force by the government. ”

Source: – Cable

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