Obasanjo urges Yahai Bello to support the fight against crime

Obasanjo urges Yahai Bello to support the fight against crime

Former President, Chief Executive Olusegun Obasanjo, briefed Kogi State Governor Alhaji Yahai Bello to support his current attack on crime in the state.

Obasanjo condemned Sunday in Abuja in a closed meeting with the governor of Kogi state.

Governor’s CPS chief spokesman, Mohammed Onogwu, said in a statement that its director and the former president had had fruitful talks.

In his opinion, Obasanjo urged the governor to support his efforts to keep his state safe, stressing that Kogi is critical to the country’s peace and development. Former President Obasanjo said that everyone should be involved in the fight against insecurity, stressing that governors should involve everyone to ensure that insecurity in Nigeria is reduced. ”

Thanking the governor for his steps in developing the state, especially in the areas of infrastructure, health and education, and for involving youth and women in politics and governance, Obasanjo instructed Governor Bello to continue to advocate for youth participation in governance.

Respond, Governor Bello thanked President Obasanjo for his role as a statesman and his fatherly character, saying that young leaders have a lot to benefit from the former president’s wisdom.

The governor noted that while his state is surrounded by 10 other states and the FCT Federal Capital Territory, making it a link between Nigeria’s south and north, west and east, Kogi, one of 19 northern states, is in staunch defense. her people against criminal elements, thus gaining recognition as one of the safest in the country.

Bello assured the former president that he would not stop fighting to ensure the complete security of his people and that he would continue to do his best to ensure that his campaign promises were kept.

He prayed to God to continue to protect the statesman with good health and a long life.

A source; – Vanguard

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