Obiano visits SARS office in Anambra, releases prisoners.

Posted by on Oct 17, 2020, Under: News

Obiano visits SARS office in Anambra, releases prisoners.

Anambra Governor Willie Obiano on Saturday visited three offices of the defunct Anti-Theft Special Squad (SARS).

Offices are located in Equulobia, Neni and Avkuzu.

DAILY POST found out that during the visit, the governor unconditionally released on bail three detainees, illegally detained by the deceased unit.

Speaking during the exercise, Governor Obiano said: “The State Police Commissioner unlawfully released all detainees and all those who were sent back by court order will remain there until their cases are resolved.” …

Obiano on Thursday fired his senior security assistant, James Nwafor, who served as head of SARS in the state prior to his appointment.

He also pledged to release the detainees and to ensure that Nwafor, accused of murder and mutilation, was entered on the register.

Obiano said he will open a panel on Monday to welcome public petitions about SARS activities in the state, adding that the commission will be chaired by a former chief judge.