offended politicians sponsored IMO attacks

offended politicians sponsored IMO attacks

State Governor Imo Hope Uzodinma said outraged politicians sponsored Monday’s attacks in the state.

Uzodinma made a speech Wednesday when he was on the PUNCH-controlled Politics Segodnya TV show.

PUNCH reported that gunmen attacked Owerri Correctional Prison on Monday and released more than 1,800 inmates. The attackers also demolished the Imo State Police headquarters in Owerri and burned all the cars parked outside the command headquarters.

The criminals then freed the suspects in the command chambers of the State Criminal Investigation Department and attempted to loot the state’s police arsenal.

PUNCH found that the militants acted on Monday from 1 am to 3 am and sang solidarity songs at the Government House roundabout for about 30 minutes before attacking targets.

Police have since accused members of the Eastern Security Network, the security force of the banned indigenous population of Biafra, of involvement in the attacks, but separatist agitators led by Nnamdi Kanu have since denied the accusation.

But speaking on the TV show, Uzodynma denied claims that IPOB members had committed atrocious acts.

He said: “Their tactic (of the attackers) is to try to identify complaints from people in a specific area. If it is in the Imo state, and there are probably some IPOB people who are unhappy, they hire criminals outside of the Imo state, get them to pretend to be an IPOB, commit these crimes and leave.

“So, this is not about the IPOB. Yes, we agree, we have offended the members of the IPOB, but I can tell you that those who are committing this destruction, most of them were brought from outside the state of Imo. “

Continuing, the governor said, “It is important for Nigerians to know that a group of outraged politicians are trying to destabilize the government of the All-Progressive Congress.

“I have done a thorough investigation and have some credible clues as to who is sponsoring these thugs.

“I don’t want to wait for an investigation by other security services, but I can tell you that we are working hard to put an end to the sponsors of these heinous actions.”

Source: – Punch Ng

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