Offsky Polytechnic Institute expelled student from prison for fraud

Oladipo Juvon, a business economics student at Offa’s Federal Polytechnic Institute in Kwara State, was expelled from his school after being recently convicted of involvement in cybercrime.

The 23-year-old student was sentenced to nine months in prison or a N 250,000 fine on Thursday by the Ilorin High Court in Kwara state.

Mr. Oladipo is suing the Ilorin Area Office of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) on three counts bordering on fraud and attempted opposing fraud, punishable under section 324 of the Quara State Penal Code.

According to the judge, the sentence will begin on December 23 in connection with the fact that exams will be held at the Offa Federal Polytechnic Institute, in which the convicted person will participate.

The judge also ordered the convict to give up his cell phones and return the victims.

In a statement issued by Olainka Iroye, spokesman for the Polytechnic Institute, he said that the polytechnic’s management also expelled Mr. Oladipo from the institution following reports from the student disciplinary committee, which also found him guilty of the crime, although he found forgiving.

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