Ogun state retirees storm Governor Dapo’s office to protest unpaid tips

Ogun state retirees organized a peaceful protest to demand their unpaid tips at the Oke-Mosan office of the state governor, Dapo Abiodun.

This is the third time in about four months that retirees have staged protests to demand their entitlement. Retirees, under the auspices of the Local Government Pensioners Association of Nigeria (LOGPAN), are asking Gov. Abiodun to pay their N68 billion in outstanding tips. In September, the retirees had blocked the two main gates of the Oke-Mosan secretariat in Abeokuta, blocking the state government secretary, Tokunbo Talabi during their demonstration. Also in June, the elders clashed with some security officers, who locked them out of the secretariat as they made their way to the governor’s office. in the square to ask the governor Abiodun for an audience.

The Dailypost reports that the offended retirees, who broke into the secretariat of state around 9 am, met with stiff resistance from security officers, in an attempt to close the two gates leading to the seat of power, the points exit; this has led to pushes and pressures between the two sides. The angry retirees, however, overwhelmed the security men and closed the gates. For about 30 minutes, the elderly with placards took control of the gates and prevented everyone from entering and leaving the state secretariat. Addressing the protesters, the head of service, Dr Nafiu Aigoro, said the government will ensure a comfortable life after retirement for its local government retirees, regardless of the challenges they now face. On the request of pensioners to meet Abiodun for a formal dialogue, Aigoro assured that “Within the next two weeks, we would have a hearing with the Governor to resolve any outstanding issues. ”


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