Oke Umurhokhvo: Police turned against Nigerians?

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Oke Umurhokhvo: Police turned against Nigerians?

Jimo Isiak was a young Nigerian and, like almost every other person, had a dream. But this is no longer the case. He got shot by a policeman and left. The most painful thing about his sad loss was that he died at the hands of people who were supposed to protect him from harm.

Isiak’s pathetic story is a reality for most young Nigerians. I was violently attacked by the Nigerian police. I would like to point out that Isiak was killed when many Nigerian youths took to the streets to protest police brutality. He was reportedly a passer-by, and the impunity that many Nigerians persecute has swept him off his feet and carried away from his loved ones.

This video will definitely spook anyone except for numb minds who will watch Father Isiak’s reaction and not get angry. This inspired the campaign, and many young people who had previously shown little or no interest in calling for an end to police brutality joined the movement to avoid the unbearable pain of losing their loved ones to the brutality. the police. But what have the peaceful protesters accomplished? More bullets and more deaths at the hands of the police. Nigerian police officers recklessly shoot armless citizens exercising their right to peaceful protest, resulting in the deaths of people who are paid for safety.

When Police Inspector General (PGI) Mohammad Abubakar announced the dissolution of SARS on Sunday, Nigerians thought their nightmares were over. But the usual wordless words turned around as the police rushed through Ogbomosho, using deadly force on the protesters and leaving at least three dead. Some reports indicated that more people died due to the brute force of the police. The footage of the incident was so disgusting and disgusting that in one of the videos circulated on the Internet, security officers dragged corpses across the floor and pointed out the disturbing but important truth: the police have declared war on the Nigerians. This is too obvious for any discerning Nigerian to miss. We are under attack and our attacker is the same people who have sworn to protect us

The events of the past five days are not enough to convince you, look at the useless tragedy that occurred on Monday in Surulera. The demonstrators, as usual, tried to support their campaign for police reform, but as a result, they received bullets flying in all directions. This caused chaos and many Nigerians were out of luck.

This is sad and shows the dire situation that Nigerians face in their country. In the north, Boko Haram and the bandits are a horror that cuts lives and forces people to leave their homes, but here in the south it is the police and it is very unfortunate. This is not something that should be going on and everyone needs to join in the hype about #EndPoliceBrutality so we can be safe. Like Isiak, some of our compatriots paid the highest price with their lives, and we must not let them down and let their death be in vain. We also owe it to ourselves so that our kids no longer have to be thrown into the streets as we do now to set trends #ReformNigerianPolice

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