Okezi Ikpeazu: attacks in Lagos – a wound for all

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Okezi Ikpeazu: attacks in Lagos – a wound for all

Abia State Governor Dr. Okezi Ikpeazu said the criminals who carried out coordinated attacks on public property and private businesses in Lagos state last month orchestrated violence to harm the entire country.

The governor condemned the arson, noting that Lagos remains home to all Nigerians, regardless of their tribe, language or religion.

Icpeazu spoke on Wednesday during his visit to Lagos to pity Governor Babajide Sanvo Olu for the attacks.

The Governor of Abia especially thanked his colleague from Lagos State for protecting Igbo assets and property during the violence.

Icpeazu said: “I am here to express sympathy and concern to my brother, the Governor of Lagos, about an event that happened about two weeks ago. I was particularly moved by the destruction that will harm all Nigerians living in Lagos. This is because Lagos is everyone’s home; as a commercial city, it is a place where everyone speaks the same language.

“I want to especially thank Governor Sanvo-Olu for protecting our brothers in the southeast during the crisis. This is an indicator that our people and their business in Lagos are safe. We will continue to live as a single country. “By working together, we can continue to thrive.”

Governor Ikeazu urged Igbo living in Lagos to continue to respect state laws and avoid actions that could create mistrust between them and members of the host communities.

He said political leaders have learned a number of lessons from recent youth protests against police brutality, saying that now the governors are seeking to promote inclusion in their policies and programs.

Sanwo Olu thanked the governor of Abia for taking the trouble to come to Lagos from the southeast to identify with the residents because of the violence. He pledged that the Lagos State government will continue to support Igbo entrepreneurial aspirations and protect their rights to reside in Lagos.

In addition, the indigenous people of the Southeast and South-South living in Lagos paid a solidarity visit to Governor Sanwo-Olu at the House of Lagos, Alausa, Igbo leaders led by the Governor’s Special Adviser on Drainage and Resources. Waterworks, Mr. Joe Igbokwe, reaffirmed his commitment to the development of Lagos by joining the movement to rebuild destroyed assets.

Igbokwe said that the real son of the Igbo could not have been one of those who set fire to public goods, pointing out that the Igbo people are known as builders.

He said: “Attacks are unimaginable in terms of cost and cost. There is nothing that could force the real son of Igbo to participate in the destruction of the land where our actions have been most successful.

“There is a saying that you cannot go and give your feces where you put food. We pledge our loyalty and support the government and people of Lagos.

Otunba Isaac Emiyad, the indigenous leader of the South and South in Lagos, said he has lived in the state since 1977 and has never seen public protests when public property has been destroyed to such an extent.

Emiyade praised Sanwo Olu for helping to unite all ethnic groups living together in Lagos, promising that the South-South people living in the state will continue to support the movement to promote peace and progress in Lagos.

In response, Sanvo-Olu said diversity remains a strength of the state, noting that Lagos’s spirit of welcoming visitors and being a melting pot for all ethnic groups has not faded despite the violence perpetrated against the state.

“One of our strengths is diversity. We must not allow what has happened to demoralize our spirit of taking on the responsibilities of the state. Lagos will continue to provide equal opportunities for everyone living here, ”Sanwo-Olu said.