Okova: Zamfara illegally controls gold

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Okova: Zamfara illegally controls gold

Emma Amays, Regional Editor, South-South, Festus Achon and Perez Brisibe
Delta State Governor Senator Ifeani Okova said yesterday that no law in the country allows the Zamfara State government to control and manage gold deposits in the state, noting that South-South governors will soon face difficulties. dealing with the federal government.

Okova, who spoke at his 2020 quarterly media engagement in Asaba, the state capital, argued that the actions of the Zamfara State government were clearly illegal, warning that if the matter was not properly resolved. faced with this, the governors of the South and South would have no choice but to do so. take control of oil and gas in their states.

The governor, who said South-South governors believe in resource restructuring and control, hinted that oil-rich governors, ministers, legislators and other stakeholders will meet in Port Harcourt, Rivers State to discuss and take a position on the issue and other questions.

He also welcomed the efforts of the South-South Governors, who he said could do better, are already doing very well with the challenges they face in developing their respective states.

According to him, “the governors of the South have spoken about the need for restructuring and the need to control resources before, it is obvious that we are going this way, because we feel the need to restructure not only the country, but also the management. resources.

“But, since today there are laws in the National Assembly that regulate the issues of oil and solid minerals extraction, they are not covered by these laws, and, of course, this is already a sore point in the governance system of our country and we hope to express this decisively during the meeting. which will take place on Friday in Portarkour.

“We cannot enforce the laws in our country to the point where it becomes discriminatory because if people are allowed to work for their solid minerals, they should be allowed to do the same with their oil. So we’ll be very tough and try to make our voice as strong as possible during the meeting.

“I believe that at some point these discriminatory tendencies will sooner or later have to be revised in our country.”

Referring to the demands of the state’s oil communities to handle the accumulated 13% of production, the governor said: “I think it’s important that we direct our energy in the right direction because people have misconceptions about what to do.
“I am not a lawyer, but I think the constitution is very clear on how to handle derivative money and who should manage it.

“What we are doing today is leading the process at PIB, where the oil communities will have some leverage and will be required by law that allows them to have a percentage that will help them strengthen the relationship between them and the oil companies.

“This is because if every community stands up and says it wants to control its resources, Nigeria will eventually become a banana republic and they have no control, so no country or state.

“Look at Delta State, for example, there are 20 or 21 LGAs producing oil. If each community tries to control its own, I am confident that the crisis and the resulting battles will be beyond our control.

“Despite the fact that people have their own opinion and the right to it, we must now comply with the constitution and laws of the country. I believe that after voting for governors and deputies, we must let them manage these resources, and if they do not do enough, we can vote for them in the next four years.

“Besides, it’s not a question that I want to manage 13 percent, they have to say that they want to manage 100 percent. What about the 87% split among the other states in the country?

“You haven’t nominated 87 percent, but only 13 percent are in the state you want to manage, it doesn’t make sense. Unfortunately, people just want to be heard and noticed.

“And when the governors speak for themselves, you have a community group, and they have a different point of view. What happens when this unit is created? They will say that we are singing in different tones, that you do not have a collective voice for resource management in your area.

“And this will divert attention from the correct restructuring of the country as we should talk about it. So there is a lot of politics going on, but I think the South-South governors are doing pretty well, and having visited most of the states in the country, I can say that the South-South governors are doing very well indeed. we have to rule.