One Nigerian woman took to Twitter to call a girl next to her husband when he asked her to end the relationship with him.

A woman from Nigeria took to Twitter to call a girl next to her husband when he asked her to end the relationship with him.

@ nwaoma007, who insisted that she build her husband the way her girlfriend wants, stated that if their marriage ended, her lifestyle would collapse.

Stating that she loves her husband, a Twitter user added that their children do not know anything about his cheating, and she will do everything to keep them in the dark, because they are a “happy family.”

He tweeted;

“Dear Funto,

Please leave my husband alone. Depending on your personality, you think you know me. You assume you understand the situation. Gbenro must have told you that we have a difficult marriage. He explained to you that I do not understand him.

She said that children are all that we have in common and that as soon as they grow up, she will divorce me. Sigh. How old is he? Do you know the age of our children? Our children are all teenagers. It won’t go away. He is as busy in this marriage as I am.

This is not what you might think. I’m basically a suburban housewife, but that’s probably the only thing you’ve corrected. Did Gbenro tell you the money belongs to me? He explained to you that although he is the CEO of the company, I am in fact the owner of the shares that hold him in this position? Did he explain to you that he cannot make a decision without me? That I got my MBA from Harvard 2006? Why am I a country housewife? This is the life that I have chosen. I immediately decided that I wanted to stay at home and raise my children.

I can afford this luxury. Are you wondering why I stay at home and let Gbenro escape punishment for my cheating? Why am I not leaving? In your opinion; You know you couldn’t stand it. Wouldn’t he dare to be with you? Are these your thoughts? I’m right?

Well, I’m practical. I love my husband, but not with pink glasses. He is a good man. Great father and fantastic husband (when he doesn’t cheat). I decided that I could live with his flaw, and I love him so much that I ask you to leave him alone.

You will cost him the life he loves if you are not careful. If this happens, the passion he has for you will disappear very quickly. Gbenro, like many people, wants to eat his cake and eat it. If he wanted to get out of this marriage, he would have left earlier.

Why am I asking you to leave him alone? The reason is that you only really need a part of it, which you see in the small windows of time that it offers you. You don’t need the whole man. If I thought you enjoyed it all, I might think about giving it up. But I know it isn’t.

You don’t want Gbenro to be a lost child who thinks he is not good enough. Who never recovered from the trauma of being rejected by their father. You don’t want Gbenro, who still has high school nightmares of being sexually harassed for a whole year until his mother recognized and took him out of this school.

You don’t want Gbenro, who still thinks that his membership in the clubs we belong to determines him. … … And 1001 other idiosyncrasies that he possesses. You want a gentle and sophisticated Gbenro that projects onto the world.

He is that person because I painstakingly built him that person. Oh; I’m sure you consider him such a generous person. How are you going to give up such sweet generosity? Yes it; but whose money is generous? My trust fund is so meticulously fixed, even though you think that if this marriage falls apart, her lifestyle will collapse dramatically. Oh, but he’s so well-to-do and such a wonderful lover. You don’t want to lose it. (Crooked smile). It really is. He is all this and more. For this and other reasons that I will not go into, I will fight to keep it going.

Dear Funto, I advise you to seriously think about the wasp nest you are mixing. I love my husband and my children love their father. They do not know anything about his betrayal, and I will do everything to keep them in the dark, because we are a happy family.

Wondering how I can be happy? I am happy because I admit that my husband has flaws. He is a man, a good man, but an imperfect man. I know and decided that I can come to terms with this flaw. Maybe there is an ideal man in this sense; but this man may have a flaw that I am unwilling to accept and that another woman may not notice. Let me take it. However, I do not expect you to understand my choice, I expect you to leave my husband. Thank you for your time; I wish you every success in all your future endeavors. Bisola Gbadebo-White “.

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