One woman accidentally received six COVID-19 shots

One woman accidentally received six COVID-19 shots

The 23-year-old Italian, who accidentally received six shots of the Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, was discharged from the hospital, where she was monitored by health officials for an adverse reaction.

The woman received the vaccine at Noa Hospital in Tuscany, central Italy on Sunday, hospital spokeswoman Danielle Gianelli told CNN on Monday.

Gianelli said the patient, who is in “good health” with no underlying illness, was in the hospital under close supervision for 24 hours and was discharged on Monday.

A healthcare professional accidentally filled a syringe with a whole vial of vaccine containing a total of six doses, and realized his mistake only shortly after the injection.

“She saw five empty syringes and realized her mistake,” Janelli said.

Doctors will continue to monitor the patient’s immune response to the “massive dose of vaccine,” the spokesman said.

She added that the patient was eligible to receive the vaccine earlier than other people in her age group because she is an intern in the hospital’s psychology department.

An internal investigation was launched, Gianelli said, adding that it was “possibly just a human error, definitely not intentional.”

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