Osinbajo saved APC from drama by inviting APC EXCO members to become guardians

Osinbajo saved APC from drama by inviting APC EXCO members to become guardians

It was Vice President Professor Yemi Osinbajo’s intervention in yesterday’s meeting of the APC National Executive Committee that saved the day and led to the consensus on which the party’s ongoing reorganization is based, according to sources within the congregation.

The plan of a group of several PCA governors, working through the National Boonie Overseer Committee, was to remove state, zonal and LGA bodies and elect to replace them. This is what they brought to the President and NIK.

The details of the meeting, presented by APC NEC members, showed that shortly before the proposal to dissolve all states, the zonal and local governments of the party, the vice president, who is himself a luminary in the legislation, warned that arbitrary dissolution of these party bodies could cause legal disputes that good chances of success and harm to the party across the board.

According to a well-known source attending the meeting, “shortly before the proposal was presented for a final statement, the president gave the floor and asked his deputy to comment on the situation, and then it was the vice president, senior lawyer from Nigeria. said that it is necessary not only to dissolve the bodies of the state and the LG party, but also to make the current leaders who own the kingdom of these bodies new members of the guardianship committees.

The source said the wisdom of the proposal is that it effectively neutralizes those who may have a legitimate and legitimate basis to challenge the dissolution, as they will still be tasked with leading the party across various states, zonal and other levels.

“Not only did the president see wisdom in the vice president’s proposals, the proposal became a resolution at yesterday’s meeting of the NEC.”

While NEC members discussed the whole idea of ​​a breakup, they all agreed that the more cautious approach proposed by Professor Osinbajo would save the party from potential controversies in the near future. At the same time, the source added that “therefore, the proposal of the vice president was accepted, and the paragraph recommended by him was added to the proposal to dissolve the party organs.”

In fact, on the AIT Kakaaki Morning News Show this morning, one of the hosts, who is also the head of Thisday’s Abuja office, revealed that “it was the vice president, senior lawyer from Nigeria,” who gave the clue that saved the day.

Finally, when the Governor of Kaduna, who was asked to inform the press, spoke to the press lodge of Aso Villa, he said that “NEC approved the immediate dissolution of party bodies at the level of electoral units, departments, local authorities. , state and area … as their immediate re-creation and free surplus to work in their offices as a board of trustees … “

Source: – Vanguard

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