Osinbajo to become president of Nigeria without elections – shocking prophecy of the prophet for 2021

Osinbajo to become president of Nigeria without elections – shocking prophecy of the prophet for 2021

Nigeria’s Vice President Yemi Osinbajo will replace President Muhammad Bukhari without an election.

This is one of the prophecies of the clergy, the Apostle Theophilus Ebony, Senior Pastor of the Rock Ministry International faith in his 2021 prophecies as transmitted to Vanguard.

Pastor Ebony, who issued the warning while speaking to reporters in Nasarawa state on Saturday, warned the government not to get involved in politics with God’s message delivered to the people by Bishop Matthew Cookah.

In his opinion, “If Bishop Kukakh did not boldly say that the government has disappointed the nation, then something is wrong, because even those who have read about the government know that the current administration has disappointed the people,” declared the clergy. According to the clergy, without elections, the government will change in the country, and the second person will take the number one position without elections or a coup.

He added that the current government is going to provide number two with a good platform for occupation, but stressed that the situation will attract attention and the plan for the country will be private, noting that the COVID19 pandemic will continue for another six months as the concerned authorities do not want to end the pandemic, however, it turned out that in 2021 life without food will become more meaningful for citizens.

Ebony, in her prayer for the nation and to celebrate her 43rd birthday and her prophetic liberation in 2021 on Saturday, said that a sincere return to God was the only sure way to avoid events that would unfold in government. and overcome the challenges facing the country. Speaking of 2020, the cleric described the year as a turbulent year filled with battles such as the COVID19 pandemic, insecurity, rebellion and EndSARS, stating that God led Nigerians into 2021 with a purpose.

According to him, “2021 is the year of the Lord, in which God Himself will humiliate certain demonic forces, forces and satanic programs that torment the nation.” God revealed to me in the place of prayer His blessings and His intervention in the affairs of Nigeria. this government will witness changes that will enable citizen number two to become number one, as the Lord says, “the priest declared.” We must pray for the government and the Nigerians, God loves these people, but the kingdom of darkness has turned against him completely, if we sincerely cry to God, he will continue to disappoint us, as was the case with the Israelites in Egypt. ”

On his 43rd birthday, Pastor Ebony said that he is grateful to God for adding another year to him despite the battles he went through in 2020.

He said that he dedicated his 43rd birthday to strengthening God’s commission to wipe away people’s tears by touching lives with his resources, noting that it is joy for him to see humanity happy and liberated.

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