Osun sex workers plead with Oetol on behalf of Raiders Okada

Posted by on Nov 12, 2020, Under: News

Osun sex workers plead with Oetol on behalf of Raiders Okada

Despite the lifting of curfews in Osun state, commercial prostitutes complained about the effects of the ban on commercial motorcyclists (okada) in their business sector, pleading with the governor.

The state government insisted that the curfew removal did not apply to the state’s commercial motorcyclists, as it insisted that Okada motorcyclists were not allowed to work after 20:00.

Osogbo’s prostitute secretary, commonly known as Oloso, Tomi Olow, said the lifting of the curfew is a positive development, but the ongoing ban on commercial motorcycles is counterproductive.

“Look, we know peace is important, but now that curfew has been lifted after weeks of lack of patronage, the 8:00 pm lockdown of the Okada Knights is not good for our business.

“It’s Okada’s people who sometimes help us find clients; They are also intermediaries who receive a commission after taking us back and forth instead of a client.

“We ask our Governor Adegboyeg Oyetola to show respect and give Okada bikers more freedom to work for our benefit,” he said.

However, hotel and bar owners have endorsed the move, saying nightlife will begin to take shape and the business owner’s economy will improve.

Omo-Osorun Hotels’ manager, Akim Bello, said the hotel is almost becoming unproductive after the outbreak of the pandemic, when the country was closed for several months.

He added that as businesses were about to rebuild, the looting and vandalism curfew only made matters worse.

In a statement from the state government, signed by Commissioner for Information and Citizenship Funke Egbemode, commercial motorcyclists must stop driving by 20:00.

“The Osun State government would like to reiterate that the closing time for Okada operations is still 20:00. This is despite the complete easing of the state curfew.

“The government is also asking all commercial motorcyclists who have not yet registered to do so as soon as possible.

“To date, records show that over 8000 forms have been issued. The government expresses its gratitude to those who obeyed, and orders those who do not need to rush with the leaders of their units, ”it says.