our case with CNN is far from over – Lai Mohammed

our case with CNN is far from over – Lai Mohammed

Lagos – The federal government filed a lawsuit with US television station Cable News Network (CNN) on Monday, in which it wrote a petition calling for an immediate and comprehensive investigation into its account of the Lekki Tallgate shooting to determine authenticity and journalism standards are far from over.

Speaking at a news conference in Lagos, Information Minister Alhaji Lai Mohammed said that although CNN admitted that the petition had been received, it has not yet responded to the measures that need to be taken to prevent the repetition of false news against Nigeria.

The federal government insisted that the military not shoot #EndSARS protesters outside the Lecchi toll booth, describing the alleged massacres as a massacre without bodies.

The minister also warned the International Criminal Court (ICC), Amnesty International and other foreign bodies to refrain from threatening the Nigerian military, stating that, as a sovereign state, Nigeria will not subordinate its sovereignty to any organization.

“The federal government does not approve of this rampant attempt to demoralize our security personnel as they face an onslaught of bandits and terrorists. Nigeria has not joined the International Criminal Court, so it could become a pawn on the court’s chessboard. It would be foolish to believe that a nation waging an existential war against bandits and terrorists is constantly being held back by an international organization to which it has voluntarily joined. “
“Nigeria is a sovereign state and will not surrender its sovereignty to any organization. The ICC, Amnesty International and their associates must refrain from threatening our troops and threatening the security of our country. When it’s too much, it’s too much. “

“It is sad that these organizations rely primarily on fake news and misinformation for their conclusions, as evidenced by the #EndSARS protest when CNN – the internationally respected news network – went into town with fake news of the massacre.” …

“As it turned out, it was a massacre without corpses. As you know, we called CNN and petitioned the network as well. Although they have confirmed that they have received our petition, we have not yet heard from them what steps they intend to take to prevent a repetition of the fake news they have been spreading about Nigeria. I can assure you, gentlemen, that the case is far from over. “

The minister also denounced what he called jaundice analysts who describe Nigeria as a failed state, saying that even those who predict the country’s disintegration are ashamed.

“Despite the antics of those who have formed yet another” fighting force “against our country, we have indeed made tremendous progress in the fight against the bandits and terrorists of Boko Haram.”

“Lately, some biased analysts and their dogs have tried to portray Nigeria as a failure state because of security problems.”

“But these analysts are very wrong. Nigeria is not and cannot be a failed state. Of course, you remember that in the past two decades or so, some pseudo-analysts have predicted the collapse of the country. “

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