Outrage as House of Representatives uploads APM for APC

Outrage as House of Representatives uploads APM for APC

The Allied Peoples’ Movement lost its member in the House of Representatives after it passed to the Congress of All Progressives. Mr. Colavole Laval on Tuesday announced his return to the All-Progressive Congress from the Allied Peoples Movement, sparking outrage in the house.

Last week, two members of the House of Representatives dumped the People’s Democratic Party in favor of the SPS. House Speaker Femi Gbajabiamila said in a plenary session on Tuesday: “I have an announcement that pleases me; I think everyone will like it – APC, PDP, whatever party you are in. This is Hon Colavole Laval.

Party change. Gbajabiamila read Laval’s letter in which he formally informed the House of his flight. In the letter, Laval recalled how he joined others to leave APC in Ogun state ahead of the 2019 general election to join APM. The head of the APC of Ogun State was polarized: then-governor Ibikunle Amosun led one faction, while the former governor, Chief Olusegun Osoba, led another.

A faction led by Amosun withdrew from APC to participate in the elections on the APM platform. APM candidates lost the elections, except for Laval. After Gbajabiamila read the letter, Deputy Minority Leader Toby Okechukwu petitioned Laval’s desertion to be accused of violating the Constitution when he left the party on whose platform he was elected, although there was none. division within the party. The speaker, however, stepped in to Okechukwu to reject his argument, saying, “Are you bringing up the same topic as last week? Excellent. I noticed. Your point of view is marked. Same as last week. He hit with a hammer. Another PDP member, Nicholas Ossay, also raised a point of order, citing article 68 (2) of the Constitution. The President also intervened Ossaya, saying: “This proposal for a constitutional order is He was brought up last week. Hon Tobi was going to raise him.

And I raised it four years ago. Therefore, we have taken note of your point of view. “Two members of the House – Mr. Ephraim Nwuzi, representing the Eche / Omuma Federal District in Rivers State, and Mr. David Abel, representing the Gashaka / Kurmi / Sardauna Federal Constituency in Taraba State – deserted from the PDP Opposition to the AKN ruling. Minority Leader Ndudi Elumelu; Deputy Minority Leader Toby Okechukwu and PDP faction leader Kingsley Chinda separately put forward constitutional proposals, asking Gbajabiamila to declare their seats vacant. because there was no crisis in the offices of the PDP in the respective states of deserters.

However, the president called the opposition leaders hypocrites, recalling that, as a minority leader in previous Assemblies, he also protested against joining the PDP, but his arguments were rejected. Gbajabiamila noted that the NDP failed to lay the groundwork for authorizing illegal desertion during its term in power.

He said, “Most of those who spoke were all here; what you said when I was a minority leader and we had people transferring from our party to yours, I said what you said on that plane; I even said 100 times more, I quoted laws and deeds, but you shut me down. Gbajabiamila added: “As you also told me in the days when I was the leader of the minority, your points are marked. Other desertions? “

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