Outraged APC Candidates Criticize Amaechi For Firing River Council Polls

Outraged APC Candidates Criticize Amaechi For Firing River Council Polls

Outraged members of the All Progressive Congress (APC) loyal to Magnus Abe criticized Rivers State Transport Minister and Party leader Chibuike Amaechi for writing to the State Independent Electoral Commission (RSIEC) that APC would not participate. today’s elections.

Abe’s faction held local council primary elections, and candidates for the presidency and council emerged, hoping to be elected at the polls before the Supreme Court disqualifies their faction and validates the camp of Isaac Ogbobuli, who is loyal to Amayachi.

Offended APC members, speaking yesterday in Port Harcourt, described the minister’s actions as unhappy, noting that the unfavorable development came after they improved everything INEC required for today’s elections.

One of the alleged candidates for today’s election, Ilamabo Mirilla, speaking on behalf of others, said the minister had no good intentions towards the party.

He said that a recent Supreme Court ruling upholding the legitimacy of the Amayachi camp administration does not declare their disqualification from the polling stations.

He said that the uncomfortable experience in 2015 when they were told to withdraw from the election prior to their current refusal to vote on the council showed that APC is “mortally afraid of competition and the electoral struggle, which is due to the first place in the creation of political parties. This will undoubtedly harm the party at the electoral level in the next elections if serious measures are not taken. ”

Mirilla said: “As law-abiding and loyal citizens of the All-Progressive Congress, Rivers State, we follow due process, have received, completed and submitted application forms and paid all necessary fees and taxes, and we also have the right to challenge and participate in local government activities. (citing Saturday) April 17th. All documents of our relations with RSIEC in this regard are available to confirm this fact.

“In the letter, the minister and the party stated that the party will not nominate candidates for the aforementioned local elections. The letter claims they said this after a February Supreme Court ruling saying they were the party’s genuine Exco. Based on this, the RSIEC decided that the votes cast for the PCA should not be counted.

“For a party that has not won a single major election since its inception in the state and, in fact, did not participate in the 2019 general election, a letter to RSIEC asking us to stop us is indicative of a deeper political malaise in our beloved party, an ailment which, if not eliminated, will soon be the end of the party. “

Source: – Guardian

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