Oyedepo: “Nigerian Youth Have a Right!” Supports EndSARS Protests

Posted by on Oct 18, 2020, Under: News

Oyedepo: “Nigerian Youth Have a Right!” Supports EndSARS Protests

David Oyedepo, chief curator of Living Faith ministries, has supported the country’s ongoing #EndSARS protests.

Oyedepo said during his Sunday morning sermon that Nigerian youth have the right to voice their discontent with the current state of affairs in the country. He added that he has remained silent about this until now because he warned the Nigerians in 2015.

“Everyone has the right to legally express their grief and pain,” he said.

“I was silent for a while, because in 2015 I warned this nation with fervor and consistency, because I saw the dangers in front of me and you can tell. The worst season in the history of the country has been the last 5 years, when lives don’t matter, spontaneous murders here and there. “

“Now they are faced with young people, and since they do not know who is next, they have the right to say ‘enough, enough.’ Any system that has no value for people’s lives is inappropriate. If they were killed when they were young, would they be where they are now? “

Source: – Politics of Nigeria.