Ozehome attacks Malami, claiming NASS has the right to summon President Bukhari

Ozehome attacks Malami, claiming NASS has the right to summon President Bukhari

Constitutional lawyer and human rights activist Mike Ozekhome, SAN has denied claims by Nigeria’s Attorney General and Justice Minister Abubakar Malami that the National Assembly has no authority to summon President Muhammad Bukhari.

We remind you that the House asked Bukhari to come and talk about them about insecurity.

Justice Minister Abubakar Malami on Wednesday said in a widely publicized statement that the National Assembly has no authority to summon Bukhari, citing “the exclusivity of security issues” as the president does.

In the penultimate week, the House of Representatives ordered Bukhari to appear in front of her after the assassination of rice farmers in Zabarmari, in the Jere local government area in Borni state.

Reacting to the statement, senior attorney Ozehome blamed Malami’s position.

He said, “I have just read, with longing and trepidation, the statement attributed to the Venerable. The Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Mr. Abubakar Malami, SAN, according to which the NASS has no authority to summon the President in connection with his “operational use of the military”.

“I am more concerned about the AGF’s position, because the president has already voluntarily agreed to appear before the NASS.

“In accordance with Articles 217, 218 and 219 of the 1999 Constitution, the President cannot“ promptly use the Armed Forces ”without the permission or authority of NASS.

“Indeed, according to section 219 (b), the composition of the Federation’s armed forces must reflect the federal nature of Nigeria, and only NASS has the authority to enact laws regulating the conduct of the Chief President of the Armed Forces and the operational use of the Armed Forces.

“The president can never do it alone. Consequently, Mr. President is being scrutinized by the NASS as to why the strategies Mr. President has so far to combat insecurity have failed hopelessly in Nigeria; and because it still has service heads who have expired and who have since lost their usefulness, efficiency and effectiveness.

Ozehom said the confidentiality of the security issues that the attorney general had claimed was an open secret to the extent that traditional rulers of the northern part of the country complained about insecurity in the area.

“There is nothing secret or confidential about the security situation in Nigeria, as AGF assures us.

“AGF must live in a different utopian world and not in the same world of reality, where all the governors of the Northeast, the entire establishment and elite of the North, including the Sultan of Sokoto, ACF and NEF, all condemned the dire situation of insecurity in the North.

“Indeed, the Sultan said unconditionally that the North is the most dangerous and dangerous place to live in Nigeria today.

“So where does AGF get information about its rights in more than 14 local government territories, which were allegedly previously controlled by Boko Haram? There is someone in Nigeria today, including even young children, who does not know that the entire security architecture and apparatchiks of Nigeria are controlled by more than 98% and are part and religion of this pluralistic, multi-ethnic society. , a multi-confessional and multilingual country called Nigeria?

He wondered about the bad advice Bukhari’s aide gave whenever strategic issues arose, the situation he advocated was driving the country nowhere.

He asked the president to grant access to lawmakers.

“With this, AGF should never advise the president not to appear on NASS. It is not only moral and ethical; Bukhari is also legally and constitutionally bound to abide by the convocation of the NASS.

“President Bukhari must appear before NASS and answer questions about why his government has disappointed the Nigerians so terribly. Bukhari should not be defended. It shouldn’t be disguised. It should not be escaped.

“He has to meet face to face with Nigerians and talk about his almost 6-year administration. It’s not just a duty; it is also the responsibility of the Nigerian people. And this is constitutional. This is also moral. This is also ethical. That’s not bad either. “

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