Pardon Me – Kufre Carter Accused Of Betraying #EndSARS Protesters In Uyo After Raising N4m, Confesses

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Pardon Me – Kufre Carter Accused Of Betraying #EndSARS Protesters In Uyo After Raising N4m, Confesses

Kufre was also accused of betraying protesters and using money for personal gain.

Confessing after being exposed, he logged into Facebook and wrote:

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen.
After the End SARS protests on Tuesday, there was a lot of talk about me. I was bombarded with calls from those in charge to ask where the 4 million naira reportedly the governor gave me for protests on Tuesday were. The rest resorted to network disputes and insults.

Well, I want to state the facts about money categorically as follows:

Half an hour after the governor finished speaking with the protesters, I received a call from SSA Youth Affairs to come to Eni Stores with two (2) people from the protester camp. Upon arrival, I was informed that His Excellency had given an amount of four (4) million nairas and explained the distribution formula: (i) 2 million for the Uyo Youth and 2 million for the four (4) blocks Protest organizers (who knew that I was one of those who organized the aforementioned protest). I was given five hundred thousand naira (500,000) with specific instructions on how to divide, which I paid five people accordingly. With this money, a warning came that the information should be as confidential as possible, and therefore, I agreed with the reason for my initial refusal, which I deeply regret. Two days later, I continued to receive threats from my friends asking for 4 million data from the governor. I wondered all the time where they got the information about 4 million when in fact I got 500,000. I managed to gain a reputation for my name: I’d rather die than let something or someone hurt it. No one is irreplaceable when it comes to protecting my name and reputation, and I apologize to everyone who was disappointed in my actions on Tuesday. This is my first time and I have definitely learned my lessons. I’m sorry. For people who have not wasted time on tantrums, I deserve it and have nothing against you. Anyway, this incident showed me that no one cares about you. They are only interested in what you offer them. No one has any friends … Again, I wish I had let you all down, and if I had gone back in time, I would definitely have done differently, but it’s too late for that, right? through hell, defensively and deciding to hear my version of the story, thank you and appreciate your kindness.

On this post, I state that I have never received 4 million from anyone for any purpose, and I support that. thanks
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