parents ask the bandits to give more time for negotiations

parents ask the bandits to give more time for negotiations

As the thugs issue an ultimatum to the parents of kidnapped students at Greenfield University to pay a ransom for their freedom, Nigeria’s National Association of Parents and Teachers, NAPTAN, has called on them to give them more time to negotiate and not to take decisive action.

NAPTAN President Alhaji Haruna Danjuma, who was interviewed by Vanguard on Tuesday, also pleaded with the bandits not to confront them with the Kaduna state government in order to induce irrational actions.

Danjuma also urged the bandits to fear God and not kill innocent students.

In response to threats from the bandits, he said that if the ransom of $ 100 million is not paid by Tuesday, the remaining 17 students in custody will be killed.

“I believe that the government should reconsider its decision not to conduct dialogue and negotiations with the bandits. My position is based on the fact that entering into a dialogue with them does not necessarily mean that the state should pay them money. This could be a way to learn about their hazel grouses and why they have such partridges with anyone or anything they have.

“Assuming the bandits even want to get money if the government is not interested in paying, let the government allow parents to collect money and pay. I heard that my parents raised and paid the bandits more than £ 50 million, although I did not know about it.

“The government cannot stand aside and do nothing. Are the children of government officials traumatized among innocent students? The answer was probably no. I beg the bandits on behalf of all Nigerian parents to spare the lives of these children. They must not let their confrontation with the government drive them to evil. There are no children of the governor among the victims.

“The bandits must also fear God and spare these children. The innocent bloodshed must stop. We cannot go on like this. We are not just killing education in the country, we are damaging and endangering the future of Nigeria, ”he said.

We will remind, on April 20 of this year, several students and an employee of the University of Greenfield, Kaduna state, were abducted, and a few days later, five of them were killed.

On Monday, the group threatened to kill the remaining 17 unless a $ 100 million ransom is paid by today and 10 brand new motorcycles are delivered.

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