Pastor Adeboye cried while watching a video of Igboho mocking him over the death of his son, says Afenifere leader

Pastor Adeboye cried while watching a video of Igboho mocking him over the death of his son, says Afenifere leader

Mogaji Gboyega Adejumo, one of the leaders of Afenifere, a pan-Yoruba socio-political organization, says that the general overseer of the Saved Christian Church of God (RCCG) Pastor Enoch Adeboye showed a video showing Igboho throwing Sunday. insults addressed to him for the group to watch.

Igboho insulted the priest for the death of his son.

According to Adejumo, the band members were moved to tears when they watched the video.

He added that Pastor Adeboye supported the Yoruba nation’s agitation, contrary to Igboho’s belief that the cleric did not support the secession plans of some Yoruba.

According to Adehumo, Igboho shouldn’t have attacked such a respected person.

Igboho was often controversial, cursing leaders who refused to support the secession program, saying that God would kill their children and their wives.

His assistant, Olayomi Koiki, in the video asked him (Igboho) to feel sorry for Adeboye for the death of his son, Pastor Dare Adeboye.

But a prominent Yoruba activist, clearly angry, asked if the priest had declared his support for the Yoruba nation.

He said, “Baba supported the Yoruba nation, so now we will welcome him? We don’t need to say hello to Adeba. What’s wrong with me? We don’t come to church here. This is not a religion.

“Adeboye never spoke about the Yoruba issue. See how big his community is, why didn’t he speak for the Yoruba people? We don’t need to feel sorry for him.

“God Himself will judge those who did not support us, may he continue to kill their wives and children, since they do not want us to reach our promised land.”

But the Afenifere leader said in a statement yesterday that the cleric has never worked against agitation.

He described Igboho’s actions as disrespecting important people in the Yoruba country, saying it was a disservice to the Yoruba liberation campaign.

He said: “Tonight, I accompanied Pa Ayo Adebanjo, the leader of Afenifere, with whom Kabiesi Oba Diipo Olaytan and attorney Sol Ebiseni were also, during a condolence visit to Pastor Adeboye on the death of his son.

“Pastor Adeboye is a man of great faith. The sour point was Igboho’s video, in which Sunday clearly made an unpleasant reference to the death of Pastor Adeboye’s son. Pastor Adeboye himself mentioned this and the video was shown to all of us. The leader, Pa Ayo Adebanjo, was close to tears.

“Now I must say this: today I am meeting with Pastor Adeba for the third time in less than a year and for the second time with Pa Ayo Adebanjo. I can state categorically that Pastor Adeboye fully supports the Yorgba cause. It is a great disservice to insult, ridicule and / or disrespectfully present this great man of God, a proud Yoruba man who has supported all of our efforts for a while!

“Again, the idea of ​​hastily destroying our best assets in a reckless, uneducated and ignoble way, by insulting, cursing, demeaning our elders, leaders, can serve only one purpose: to lose all the gains achieved in years of hard work – to prolong our days of slavery, annoying God to the point that 40 days becomes 40 years !!!

“What is the logic in guiding down the same people who have the leverage to lift us out of bondage, as Moses did? Sheer ignorance! Moses never raised his sword, instead he raised his staff. (Chukwuemeka) Ojukwu fired many guns and mortars, but his men lost anyway.

“No one wants the Yoroba to leave Nigeria more than these people, who have recently become the target of unjustified abuse even by those who elected (President Muhammad) Bukhari and whose predecessors have nothing to do with events. The earthquakes that surround and shape the incomparable lives of these people and leaders.

“Pa Ayo Adebanjo, a veteran of the treacherous crime saga of Papa (Obafemi) Avolovo, and 30 other people who went to jail for this. Pa Ayo Adebanjo himself, who stared at (Sani) Abacha and said, “I owe you one bullet, coward, take your pistol and shoot.”

“It saddens me to see a multitude of cognitive, enlightening dissonances displaying overt and misdirected anger that appears from afar as logic in a clear situation where wisdom is completely hidden and all that is left is the speculation of mutants,” falsified. perceptions and hidden claims. Who will save the Yoruba from incredulous and devastating abrasions? When we are done destroying ourselves, sooner or later what we become will become the laughing stock of the Fulani! “

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