PDP commends Nigerians for their resilience despite the challenges of 2020.

PDP commends Nigerians for their resilience despite the challenges of 2020.

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) is calling on Nigerians to enter 2021 with renewed zeal, despite the harrowing events of 2020, which witnessed innumerable bloodshed and heartbreaking economic hardships caused by the soulless and looting of the treasury. All Progressives Congress (APC) and Bukhari Administration.

The party pays tribute to the Nigerians for their steadfastness and unwavering determination to support each other in the face of a total government failure within the APC, a party that has presented itself as a means of grabbing power and looting treasures.

The NDP recalls with bitterness how the APC and the Bukhari administration threw our compatriots into a beggarly life at the mercy of looters, bandits, terrorists, kidnappers and vandals, while President Muhammad Bukhari, in whose hands the Nigerians entrusted their fate, is hidden inside the presidential villa.

It is unfortunate that the APC struck up an affair with assassins and raiders, destroying all the methods established by the PDP administration, which by 2015 had pushed terrorists into the background.

Unfortunately, terrorists today are so emboldened by the failure of the APC that they are taking over communities, beheading our compatriots, and even kidnapping more than 600 schoolchildren in Mr. President Katsin’s home state at a time when the state took over his security vehicle. where he went on vacation while our nation went with the flow.

As a result of a string of tragedies, Nigerians looked hopeless, like people without a leader, as President Idris Derby personally led his troops into Nigerian soil to free Nigerian communities and soldiers captured by terrorists.

On the economic front, our compatriots have shown resilience and resilience in the face of the worst economic strangulation caused by the rampant looting by AKP leaders and Bukhari administration officials, which has led to the destruction of our Naira, the closure of millions of businesses, with appalling unemployment, appalling poverty and destruction of infrastructure.

As a result, pressure on families has led to an increase in suicides, slave missions, divorces and unstable social life. There is hardly a family in Nigeria under Bukhari’s care that could not withstand the serious security breach or economic tragedy caused by the APC.

Our compatriots also faced the worst of the hardships as APC and Bukhari administration officials looted funds for COVID-19, leaving Nigerians at the mercy of the negative effects of the pandemic.

It is imperative to state that under the APC and Bukhari administrations, power has become an instrument of suppression. Human rights violations have become the new norm. Young Nigerians who tried to raise the government’s consciousness of the suffering of the earth were brutally suppressed, and many were killed by APC agents.

Despite the aforementioned numb experience, our party argues that as we enter the new year, the narrative of our beloved nation needs to be changed.

Therefore, we urge Nigerians who are tired of the APC and the Bukhari administration to strengthen their bonds of unity in our collectively patriotic resolution to lift our country out of the grip of mismanagement.

The NDP prays for our nation and encourages everyone to be on the bridge to ensure a happier and more peaceful 2021.


Cola Ologbondian
National Advertising Secretary

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