PDP frustrated and inactive, frustrated – APC

Posted by on Oct 29, 2020, Under: News

PDP frustrated and idle, frustrated – APC

The All Progressive Congress (APC) criticized the Democratic People’s Party (PDP), calling it disillusioned and guilty of the chaos and looting in the country.

In response to threats made by the state’s NDP in a statement released Wednesday to take the laws into their own hands, the ruling party in the state said the NDP had already passed laws into its own hands, sponsoring the latest state violence that led to indictment. … some leaders of the NDP. He added that no one is too big to be treated by the security forces.

The party’s statement, signed and released Wednesday by its public relations officer Ade Ajayi in Ado Ekiti, also reminded NDP members in the state of disaster inflicted on the state by the previous administration, which forced the state into a state debtor.

“After the arrest and indictment of several thugs who were revealed to be members of the NDP in connection with the massive destruction and looting of warehouses in the state last week, the faces of those behind the recent unleashed terror About hapless citizens ekita exposed by the Chekists.

“APC is now urging state security personnel not to deal with protective gloves against the PDP threat that its members will take over the law, resorting to protection from further attacks.

“It’s no shame that the party that created an administration that could not account for billions of nairas to support the budget, financial aid and other funds received, now accuses a sensible government of dragging people to its side. time? to daily activities, theft?

“Let them tell the people of Ekiti where they hid the money.

“Their false and unsubstantiated claim that palliatives are kept in the government house is a ploy to incite people to attack the government seat.

“They are unhappy with the peaceful world that people in the state enjoy and want to create confusion. Their members have been identified as the brains behind a series of looting and fires that swept the state capital last week, while those arrested were pursued by security officials.

“PDP members and those who intend to create more confusion in the state must postpone their diabolical plan, otherwise they will face dire consequences as security personnel will be more attentive to those who are responsible for the problems.”

The party advised the peace-loving people of the state to carry out their day-to-day legal duties without fear or intimidation.

The statement continues; “The Ekiti have become wiser, and the enemies of the people cannot incite them against the friendly youth government of Dr. Kayode Fayemi. Ekiti State has moved beyond its theatricality and they (NDP) should begin to make efforts that will bring progress and peace to the state, instead of creating problems every day.

They have about five factions in the state; they should try to bring order to their party. “

“I also add that all of the money donated by Ekiti during Covid 19 was well directed towards the task for which it was intended. Ekiti has been one of the best states to fight the war against Covid 19 with zeal and vigor, and the available records confirm this. “