PDP may return to power in 2023 if they work really hard

PDP may return to power in 2023 if they work really hard

Prince Tony Momoh, a former information minister and one of the national leaders of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in power on Thursday, said the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) could win votes in Nigeria and return to power in 2023 if it works … really hard for this.

Momoh, speaking in an interview with DAILY INDEPENDENT, responded to the NDP’s statement that the Nigerians are already fed up with the government of President Muhammad Bukhari and want the NDP to return to power in 2023.

Cola Ologbondian, the NDP’s national advertising secretary, said that after testing both sides, Nigerians realized that the NDP was the only party that took their interests seriously.

He said the PDP is full of highly adventurous politicians and experts who have what it takes to tackle Nigeria and propose solutions to the myriad problems facing the country, such as insecurity and economic problems that APC does not face. he had no idea how to propose solutions.

In his reaction, Momo, the former national president of the end of the Congress for Progressives for Change (CTC), says that just as the APC won in 2015, the PDP could also win in 2023 if it works and proposes solutions to the country’s problems. instead of being “moody critics.”

According to him, “there is no reason to deny the NDP or any other opposition party the good fortune or good will to return to power. This is the meaning of democracy. You work hard enough for people to trust you and vote for you. “

“So if the NDP works hard enough as a credible opposition party and then starts proposing solutions where it thinks something has failed, instead of being temperamental critics, then they will work for the people to give them a chance in the next elections. “

“But staying capricious critics, without offering solutions to problems, no one will give them a chance.”

“2023 is the time of elections, let them work to win. That is why I said they were not wrong in saying that in 2023 Nigerians should not vote for APC. ”

“But the truth is, they don’t play the role of opposition. They talk about the resignation of the president and the transformation of the country into unmanageable, when in fact they must contribute to the good governance of the country so that if they work hard and win, they can meet something on the ground, and not destroy something what they did not build and are building. “

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