PDP Supports Sanwo Olu, Accuses Sagaya For Opposing Railway Red Line Project In Lagos

PDP Supports Sanwo Olu, Accuses Sagaya For Opposing Railway Red Line Project In Lagos

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP), head of Lagos State, said on Friday that Professor Itse Sagay (SAN), Chair of the Presidential Advisory Committee on Anti-Corruption (PACAC), has no moral reason to impose on Governor Babajida Sanwo-Olu which project to take for lagosians.

Sagai said that it made no sense for Governor Sanvo-Olu to start the railroad “red line” project when the blue line began almost 10 years ago but is not yet completed.

However, the PDP, through Taofik Ghani, its advertising secretary, said Sagai should focus on his job as president of PACAC and let the governor decide what’s best for his people.

According to the party, Sagay, who had a cordial relationship with Babatunde Fashola, the minister of labor and housing, did not speak when Fashola, as governor of Lagos state, did not take into account the money spent on the project. completed his term as governor.

“Without the support of Governor Sanwo Olu, the truth is that Professor Itse Sagai has no moral reason to rebel of his own free will and criticize the government. This is the same person who should be in charge of a thorough anti-corruption campaign, but he has clearly abandoned it. Criticizes the government only when it clearly contradicts its interests. “

“We know that the Blue Railroad was a scam from the start. It was a project that started at less than $ 6 billion and now exceeds $ 46 billion. In the era of Fachol, the governor could not report on the funds spent on this project, but prof. Sagay was silent because of his close relationship with Fashola. “

“There is no reason why he will now come to condemn the real needs of the Lagosians in the metropolis. We are talking about Oyingbo, Alagbado and other places. Look at the number of people passing through this particular area. “
“We condemn Professor Sagaya’s attempt to represent the Lagosians about what projects they want or don’t want. We condemn his hypocritical position on this issue. He must come out and condemn President Bukhari and others who have dragged us into this mess. “

“We declare loudly and clearly that Professor Saghai is a beneficiary of APC and the government and cannot criticize a project that will benefit the Lagosians. Why would he say that Fashola’s projects need to be completed? How many projects did Fachola himself carry out, and why was he unable to account for these funds when his successor asked for it? In a healthier climate, Fachola should now be in the EFCC and not as Minister of the Federal Republic. “

“However, we ask Governor Sanwo Olu to return to give an honest presentation to stakeholders. Each kobo must be monitored and taken into account. The monitoring group may include CSOs. Why should the government be afraid to be the “ombudsman” for projects carried out with taxes and loans ”.

Source: – Independent Ng

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