Photos of Muslims who visited the church in Nasaraw to celebrate Christmas with Christians.

Photos of Muslims who visited the church in Nasaraw to celebrate Christmas with Christians.

Some members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, known as the Shiite branch of Nasarawa State, were reported to have celebrated Christmas with Christians.

According to the Nigerian Tribune, they visited one of the largest denominations in Lafia, the state capital, to demonstrate their solidarity with its Christian population.

The prayer took place at the Reformed Evangelical Church of Christ (ERCC), Graceland Lafia, Nasarawa State.

The leader of the Mallam Islamic group, Muhammad Amin, said that he was in the church to pray for the healing of the country and the state of Nasaraw in particular, as well as to rejoice with Christians to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Mallam Amin noted that the birth of Jesus Christ was of great importance for humanity, so they need to rejoice together in love, as recorded in the holy books, adding that the two main religions believe that Jesus Christ is the true Messiah. …

“Today we are praying here with our Christian brothers and sisters to strengthen the bonds of unity, unity and pray for the healing and forgiveness of our country and Nasarawa in particular.”

In addition, Mallama Zaynab Mohammed stated that there is no discrimination in worshiping God, so people need to be tolerant towards each other regardless of their beliefs.

The senior pastor in charge of the Church, Rev. Habila Anthony, had previously announced the presence of the Shia, stating that the Muslim visit was genuine and urging church members not to panic.

Rev. Habila Anthony described the visit of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria to the church as a sign of the unity and love that both religions preach.

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