Police Arrested Housewife on Homicide Charge in Yenagoa (Photos) |

A housewife, Ms Enie Zuokemefa-Peter, accused of involvement in her husband’s death, was arrested by police in Bayelsa state.

He was accused of conspiring with the murderers of her husband, a teacher at Bayelsa State Teachers College in Sagbam, Mr. Enebraye Zuokemef-Peter.

The arrest of Ms Zuokemef-Peter, which took place on Sunday night, was based on petitions from the deceased’s family and on reports of previous threats to her life during domestic quarrels over infidelity issues that allegedly left her with two. sons.

Tribune Online reported that gunmen shot the deceased three times after negotiating deals at an outlet on Old Assembly Street in the Ekeki district of Yenagoa, the state capital of Bayelsa, on Friday.

A family member who declared anonymity said the accused wife had repeatedly threatened to kill her husband on charges of having children out of wedlock due to her inability to give birth to a child.

“The marriage is full of excitement, with the woman getting ready from her family home several times, but they recently made up when he came to Yenagoa from an overseas study trip,” said a family member. …

The late lecturer was also found to have been attacked in his home by armed masked men in the past, and he reportedly told family and close friends to hold his wife accountable if anything happened to him.

It was revealed yesterday that the police are pursuing about four people suspected of the murder of a university professor, who were last seen driving a red Toyota.

“The car was seen moving suspiciously around the resident of the deceased, and was later seen sharing money in a pub a few meters from the crime scene,” the source said.

A spokesman for Bayelsa’s police, Asinim Butswat, contacted developments and confirmed the arrest, but said she was arrested on the basis of “previous threats.”

It should be recalled that the Ijau Youth Council (IYC) around the world has called on the security forces and Governor of Bayelsa, Senator Douye Diri, to hunt down the assassins of Ijau youth leader Enebrae Zuokemef Peter.

IYC President Peter Timothy Igbeef in his statement condemned the assassination of Zuokemef, calling it barbaric, unacceptable and irresponsible. Igbeefa said the deceased was a staunch supporter of the Ijau cause, an apostle of peace and a scholar who never deserved to die so cruelly.

He said the deceased was one of the loyal members of the IYC who once challenged the presidency and secretary of the council, adding that he peacefully pursued all of his ambitions without resorting to violence.

Igbeefa noted that the IYC, under his leadership, would agree to nothing but a thorough investigation of the circumstances that led to his murder, disclosure of the identity of the militants and their persecution.

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