Police Commission fired 37 former SARS employees

Police Commission fired 37 former SARS employees

At least 37 former members of the disbanded Special Anti-Robbery Squad have been assigned to dismissal.

The Police Commission is also expected to issue an order to prosecute 24 other former SARS officers for various professional misconduct.

These were the highlights of the presidential group’s report on the reform of the ad hoc anti-robbery team set up by the federal government in 2018 to reform a feared unit.

The presidential jury, among other things, investigated allegations of human rights violations and malpractice in relation to SARS and recommended reform or restructuring of the group.

Presenting the report to PSC President Musiliu Smith in Abuja on Friday, National Human Rights Commission Executive Secretary Tony Ojukwu called for early implementation of the commission’s recommendations.

CPS spokesman Ikechukwu Ani said in a statement that Ojukwu noted that the CPS chairman has all the authority to properly deal with the commission’s report.

The statement was titled “PSC will partner with the Human Rights Commission, promises immediate action on the report of the presidential commission on SARS reform”.

“We came to see the PSC deciding to play a leading role in the reform of the Nigerian police force,” Ojukwu said.

Ojukwu said reform is the most pressing issue in the country today, adding that much was expected from the PSC.

He noted that the commission requested and received 113 complaints of alleged human rights violations from across the country and 22 memoranda with proposals on how to reform and reorganize SARS and the Nigerian police in general.

The statement read: “Ojukwu said that at the end of the public hearing, the jury recommended the dismissal of 37 police officers, and 24 were recommended for prosecution.

“The jury also instructed the inspector general of police to reveal the identities of 22 officers involved in human rights violations against innocent citizens.”

Upon receiving a copy of the report, Smith said the PSC will work with and support the NHRC in advancing good governance.

However, he said that effective reform of the “criticized SARS” requires a focused effort to select capable, professional and trustworthy people to replace the disbanded team.

The selected officers, he added, must receive proper training and receive regular training.

Smith said: “There must also be close scrutiny of newly elected officers so that the nation does not suffer from the decay that has become the lot of a disintegrated unity.”

He noted that any violations of discipline must be dealt with seriously and in a timely manner.

The former IG said the government should be more worried about funding its vital agencies as they need reliable funding to get their jobs done.

He also filed a lawsuit for proper and good housing for police officers, stating that “these officers need good housing in order to operate at maximum efficiency.”

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