Police fired 10 officers in Lagos for murder, corruption and other crimes

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Police fired 10 officers in Lagos for murder, corruption and other crimes

Murder, corruption, more: police fired 10 officers in Lagos

Lagos State Police Command has fired at least 10 officers for various crimes, including murder, defamatory behavior, excessive use of power, corruption, and others.

Public Relations Officer at State Police Headquarters, PPRO, Olumuiwa Adejobi, in a statement on Wednesday, entitled “Lagos Command No Disciplinary Action, Fires 10 Staff,” noted that some Staff members have been assigned to the Lagos State Police Headquarters and the rest were on duty in various police forces in the state of Lagos.

According to him, “In an effort to promote police discipline and core values ​​in Lagos State, the Police Command tried 81 officers for various criminal and disciplinary offenses committed between October 2019 and October 2020.

“Crimes range from murder, defamatory behavior, overuse of power, corrupt practices to negligence.

“Ten employees were fired. In addition, 18 of the men were demoted and 29 received N10 headlines and warning letters.

“Others were assigned increased fatigue, and 16 men were discharged and acquitted for lack of evidence.

“The staff in the onsite meeting room at various locations in Lagos State included 45 inspectors.

Likewise, some senior officers have been interrogated in connection with various disciplinary violations, and requests for action and punishment are pending at Force Headquarters in Abuja.

“The lawsuits were started on the basis of a series of complaints / charges against them.”