police invade court, protesters are arrested again on charges of conspiracy to expel Bukhari

police invade court, protesters are arrested again on charges of conspiracy to expel Bukhari

Surprisingly, police raided a court in Akwa Ibom to arrest protesters again.

According to the Daily Post, Inibehe Effiong, a professional lawyer, condemned the “desecration” of the judicial system in Akwa Ibom state on Wednesday in a case involving President Muhammadu Bukhari and Governor Akwa Ibom Udom Emmanuel.

Four citizens participating in a peaceful protest led by the Initiative to End Mismanagement were arrested by police on Tuesday outside the Akwa Ibom State Assembly.

These are Idopis Ette Oton, Obot MfonGod, God’s friend Michael and Victor Nta George.

The group has reached out to the lawmaker to voice its displeasure with poor governance, the ASUU strike, the freezing of the accounts of End SARS protesters, border closures, higher electricity tariffs and the price of a fuel pump. , among other things.

Protesters also opposed the 2021 budget provisions presented to Emmanuel’s House of Representatives.

In a statement Thursday, Effiong said he was “unlawfully indicted in the Uyo Magistrates’ Court, led by Chief Justice Winifred Umohandi, on fabricated, mischievous and frivolous charges of formulating intent to overthrow President Bukhari and Governor Emmanuel.”

He noted that, following their objection, an objection was raised to the jurisdiction of the charge of high treason, since the Magistrates’ Court was not competent.

Chief Justice Winifred Umohandi overturned the charges and fired four demonstrators.

Effiong said that when the magistrate entered his rooms, the police broke into the courtroom located on Fulga Street, Off Ikot Ekpene Road, Uyo, brutally beat the citizens and took them away.

“The demonstrators released from court are still in custody. This shameful act by the Governor of Udom Emmanuel is just the latest in a series of dictatorial moves that Oud Emmanuel has taken since taking office.

“It is shameful that Oudom Emmanuel, who pretends to be the leader of the opposition in the country, has desecrated the sacred temple of justice in his attempt to suppress all forms of dissent in the state.

“Unfortunately, the recently seconded KP Police Commissioner Amiengem Andrew turned the state police command into a political weapon for corrupt politicians and allowed the governor to use himself as a tool to hunt down civilian witches who simply exercise their rights under the Nigerian Constitution.”

The lawyer called for the immediate release of the protesters.

He called on the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), civil society, human rights activists, the media and the international community to save the people of Akwa Ibom and “end the terror of the regime led by Emmanuel.” …

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